13 in 2013 Challenge…

I’m doing the 13 races in 2013 Challenge.  It’s a really nice thing some bloggers are taking the time to do (for free!).    I’ll have to add in links and pictures later, because I am on my break at work and my computer here is so slow (and from 2003) that it won’t load a picture or let me add a link.  Don’t even get me started on what a computer at this speed does for work effciency…that’s a whole different topic.

Anyhow, I am hoping the challenge lets me connect with some other running bloggers.  The miles aren’t really a challenge, it’s paying for 13 races.  That challenge will be taken care of with some virtual races the hosts of the challenge will offer for free (like I said, these are really nice people to do all this).  I already had 4-5 races planned for 2013 anyways, so I figured filling in the gaps with the virtual races should make it pretty doable.  You can pick all of one distance or do a variety…which is what I will do .  I would LOVE to do 13 marathons, but I would have to travel.  A lot.  And that won’t be happening.  So virtual races it is.

This public announcement is also incentive for me to follow through.  I’m not so good on that.  I have a lot of ideas and fantasy plans that don’t materialize.  If you recall I was supposed to be running a marathon in every state right about now.  See what I mean?  Many of my plans don’t happen.  This one seems doable.  Wish me luck…and join me when I am on a computer fast enough to paste in the images for the challenge and put in some links.   TGIF.

Here is the link!


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