Decker Challenge Half Marathon…

This has nothing to do with the race.  Just Jasp being Jasp.  He is currently in a "no shoes ever" phase.
This has nothing to do with the race. Just Jasp being Jasp. He is currently in a “no shoes ever” phase.

This will be a quick recap while the little one who never stops is actually napping.  Today was the Decker half marathon.  I think it might be Austin’s oldest race…maybe.  It’s claim to fame is tons of hills and atrocious weather.  This year was no exception:  75 and muggy as heck.  That means next year will be a freezing rain year.  I don’t get to this race every year, but I try to.  It’s out on country roads and is a really nice change of pace from all the Austin runs that go through downtown.  I wore my red compression rocks (they are soooo awesome), and a bright green Dogfish Head Ale tech shirt in hopes of looking Christmas-y.  Stephanie said my shirt was too bright and it didn’t quite work.  Darn….next year reindeer horns for sure.

Anyhow, met Steph and another running friend Elizabeth.  I told them I was going to see what I had today and was going to race it.  I knew I was a good minute a mile slower than my pace last year, but I wanted to feel like I put in an effort regardless of where that landed me.  I thought if I could keep it under 8:30s I would be thrilled (never mind a year ago was 7:30s…dang aging process).  So I took off about a 8 min pace and slowed into about 8:20s, slowing on the hills.  It felt good, but I was working.  I saw a friend at about the half way point and ran with her and her friend the rest of the way.  Sometimes I was just keeping them in sight, sometimes chatting, but it passed the miles really fast and helped me keep up the pace.  With chip time I made it in 1:48.  Which given my current running pace and the horrible weather, I was over the moon.  I did better than I thought I could which is always nice and doesn’t happen often.  This was my first half marathon as a masters runner, so I get to call it a PR.  Ha!

Oh and I forgot to mention other than the heat my other issue, aka excuse is getting Jaspy’s cold.  Yesterday after a nice 7 miler with Mark and Pancake I realized my throat hurt, by last night I had to admit I was coming down with it.  So I really wasn’t sure how this run would pan out.   I guess the daycare crud doesn’t have full hold of me yet, but that combined with sore legs tomorrow will make for a fun Monday.

Ok…time to get some things done before the hyper one wakes and we go get him new shoes and Fro Yo.  It’s a good day…



4 Replies to “Decker Challenge Half Marathon…”

    1. You should do it! It’s my favorite road race. It’s an old school race without much fuss, just a tough course. It seems like it’s either really hot or really cold…so that’s why I predict freezing rain next year.

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