Running ramblings…

DSC_0041_12I have struggled to sit down at the computer lately (dang night owl child!) I’ve constructed a lot of blog posts in my head that don’t seem to materialize.  So you get a conglomeration of all of them.

Do you run on holidays?  I always do.  I do wonder if I’ll still be able to run on Christmas day as Jasp gets older, but he still has no concept that it’s any different than any other day so I’ll be able to head out.  I never do crazy mileage but it’s really the best way to kick off a day of lounging and eating (duh).  My neighborhood is fantastic for Christmas light viewing, and it’s given my runs a facelift.  It’s challenging to make runs sound exciting on this blog when I mostly run in my neighborhood.  But now, with whole new routes constructed around hitting up the best lit houses, it’s a lot of fun.  Jasp went with me this morning since going to bed at almost 1000 and getting up at 500 seems to be plenty of sleep for him.  We had a blast though, and I suspect I have created a new holiday tradition:  the neighborhood trail of lights 6 miler.

My friend Steve and I are running spring ultras.  Mine is 50K and on an urban trail, so I don’t really need to do anything different for my training.  His is 60K on more of a hiking trail, so he is doing “real” trail running, and we touch base in a phone call every weekend with updates.  Our chats have really made me miss trail running.  I know I’ll never run the really long or rugged stuff again ( 62 miles over rocks…no way).  But I miss taking Pancake out for a greenbelt run.  I quit when I was pregnant because of the fall risk, and never resume it because Jasper was just so time intensive, it was easier to not drive somewhere to go running.  I realized the other day that I now live a lot closer to a trail network, and Jasp is not a needy as he used to be.   Maybe I can add back in a short trail run a week.  I still avoid the real rocky, rough stuff, and will never trail run in the dark again after a couple hard falls last year.  But, maybe just maybe I’ll be back out there.

Finally a lot of bloggers have discussed the state of world and sad events in the last few days.  I’ve never really felt the need to let my superficial, all about me blog drift into heavy topics, politics, and social crusades.  And, I still maintain that policy.  I have a complete lack of eloquence, and any attempts at me putting down deep thoughts here read like a 5 year old wrote them.  But I’ll say this:  We runners have such a gift that we always have a place to think, process, dream, and plan.  Do you even realize how few people have that?  I can’t tell you how many times I have coworkers tell me they don’t mind sitting in traffic because it’s their “time to think.”   Really?  That’s sad.  I much prefer my time in the predawn, on quiet streets or gravel paths, occasionally having my thoughts interrupted by a a critter scurrying by or a bird waking up.   This morning my thoughts didn’t get much time as Jasp and I admired Christmas lights together in the quiet darkness at 530am.   Thoughts can  always wait  for another run….



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