Chinese Christmas and eyes hurt…

Any Austinite with a child under 8 will recognize where this picture was taken…

We’ve had a busy couple of days.  We crammed in lots of holiday activities.  My holiday was kicked off with a fantastic run on Sunday.  I picked a hilly course in an area we don’t run in too often, and Mark, Stephanie and I had the type of run that it’s really all about.  Challenging, but lots of good conversation and laughs tossed in.   I had to work a little over the holiday, but I managed a few longer than normal runs with some extra time off.  What a treat.

We planned a tradional Christmas dinner on the 26th, when all our family was arriving.  I was making some healthy versions of traditional favorites, so it was a lot of cooking and prep over a couple days.  The vegan peanut butter cheesecake pie was AMAZING.  The rest of the meal was really the worst Christmas food I’ve ever had.  I miss timed everything, had a turkey disater resulting in it going into the trash, and spent way too much time cleaning up a ton of messes.  After serving everyone what little of it was edible, I had a realization.  I don’t really like all these rich holiday foods.  I spent two days in the kitchen and not with Jasper and family, all for a meal that no one really even wanted.  In the words of the immortal Raphie from A Christmas Story, it was the year I discovered Chinese Christmas.  Next year we will get whatever ethinic food we find open.   Chinese, Indian, I don’t care.  No more entire days in the kitchen for Christmas.    It was pretty liberating expereince, and I love the idea of a new tradition.   We’ll keep the pie though….

Finally, Jasper has been sick with fever off and on.  For 2 days he kept saying “Eyes hurt”  His eyes looked fine, so I wasn’t too worried.  He kept crying last night saying “Eyes hurt!”  It suddenly dawned on me that Jasper has always said eyes for ears.  Crap…an ear infection.  Another feverish night with tears and thrown up sour milk (per Jasper, “oh no, spill!”…yes that was quite a spill), I offically felt major guilt.  So Jasper spent the day at the doctor getting his ear infection confirmed.

I’m finishing off a quick day at work, then back home for some t-ball in the backyard to limit ear infection spreading, and perhaps tonight a belated Chinese Christmas dinner.

Gotta love the the holidays….


2 thoughts on “Chinese Christmas and eyes hurt…”

  1. I cannot tell you how many times I have cooked horrible Holiday means, to be thrown out, like the time I brined a $65 turkey that turned out saltier than any southern ham, or the time the turkey was finally done at midnight.
    Ethnic food is a good idea, but since we happen to love some Holiday foods, we enjoy getting together with friends where everyone brings a dish.

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