The little rectangular piece of happiness…

DSC_0290Today was an 18 miler.  It was 30 degrees for the whole run.  Those of you in states with real seasons probably laugh, but that is sooo cold to us here in Texas.  I must have the world’s slowest metabolism because I feel like I never get warm on these runs.  Mike got me a box of hand warmers for Christmas.  My hand were still burning like crazy the whole time with handwarmers and mittens.  I wore two shirts, a hat, capris, compression socks, and I was still cold.  I didn’t bring my water since holding it would most certainly cause frostbite to my fingertips, and drinking something cold would chill me even more.  I had about 3 sips of water the whole run.  Smart, I know.   Mark showed up in shorts and a t-shirt.  He never gets cold.   Not fair.    I missed the trailhead on one of my little out and backs and turned the run into 19 miles.  I based the finish time I told Mike on a 5am start, not remembering that we were actually doing a 530am start.  I got home 40 minutes late.  He claims he was actually worried.   But I got a 19 mile done to check off.  I was full of energy and inhaled a giant bowl of cereal.  I took Jasper to Whole Foods and had one of those shopping trips with him where multiple times  I had to leave the cart and proceed to the car thinking we couldn’t manage a shopping trip because he was in major fit mode.  I got about a fourth of my groceries and ended up leaving in tears since it was probably our worst shopping trip ever.  We were over it by the time we got home though.  Mike got Jasp to nap (yay!) and I de-Christmased most of the house.  Now I am gearing up for afternoon activity #2 with Jasp.  I. am. tired.

Happiness is the Starbucks giftcard sitting unused in my wallet.  Who says consumerism is all that bad?

Happy last weekend of 2012, everyone.



1 thought on “The little rectangular piece of happiness…”

  1. Maybe it is not slow metabolism that makes you so miserable in winter, but lack of any body fat.
    I know many people who would trade places with you!!!

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