The anti resolution resolutions…

Pure joy, dancing to They Might be Giants.
Pure joy, dancing to They Might be Giants.

I’m not one for resolutions.  I seldom do any small resolution I make in my head, so why announce a big resolution and have a public fail.  And I am pretty good at fails.  I say I am going to do a lot of things I don’t.  Like run all 50 states, like run another 100 miler, like do daily core work.  All fails.

So I’d rather come up with small things I would like to do in 2013 that are doable.  Jasper is almost 3 and I think I have finally figured out that for me, kid+work+running marathons=little time for much else.  In the last few months I think I’ve gotten better about not trying to tackle new projects and beating myself up for not “getting much done”.   I suppose I am embracing less.  I don’t think goals are always good things.  It’s easy to lose sight of just enjoying things when everything is a goal.  Setting a goal can be a good thing, but does every part of your life need a goal?  It’s overwhelming.  I’m tired of feeling like an underachiever just because I have given myself too much to do.  I would like 2013 to be less of rat race, less of always feeling super busy, less of every weekend being packed from start to finish.   Since the summer  I’ve gotten better about limiting what I have on my plate for the week.  I can feel a difference.  I hope to continue that way.

So what do I want to do in 2013?  The 13 in 2013 race series is pretty doable if you tack on the virtual races and stick with local races.  I want to do my 50K in March when my friend Steve does his first ultra and savor the huge feeling of accomplishment an ultra gives you but be happy with one 50K being enough.  I want carve out a little more evening time, which seems to be happening as Jasp drops more and more naps and goes to bed a little earlier.   I want to work on connecting with more running bloggers and make my blog something other people find useful and entertaining, not just an All About Me diary.  I want to take a cake decorating class so I can make Jasper birthday and holiday cakes.   I want to have a really kick ass family vacation after a year where my only vacation was a couple days in Tulsa (they were great and all, but just not enough).  I want Mike and I to have more than the two baby sitter nights we had this year.   This all seems pretty doable, yet I know it won’t all happen because that’s just the how things go.   But if nothing on this lists gets done, I can live with it.

That’s all the resolutioning I have time for now.  I must get up the little boy who needs outside time and brave a damp chilly Texas winter day.  Adventure calls….



3 thoughts on “The anti resolution resolutions…”

  1. Happy New Year, Clea! I try to make my “resolutions” manageable, and prefer to go month by month rather than a year. Besides, it takes 30 days to stick to a habit:)

    1. Happy new year to you too! Month by month is a good idea. This year though I really don’t want to make everything a goal and think of things more in terms of plans. I am tired of feeling stressed out by “having ” to do things!

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