Embracing winter…

DSC_0310We have been in full blown Texas winter here.  It’s not the northeast or the midwest, but it’s cold for us.    I love the idea of running on silent roads lined with just the skeletons of trees with a gray sky backdrop….then coming in and warming up with hot coffee.  And my whole life I’ve wanted to visit Iceland.  But the truth is, I find winter running more difficult than our hot summers.  Yes, our summers are a sufferfest, but I can usually slow down, drink more, and power through.  In the winter I just have days no matter what I wear I never get warm and the entire run is uncomfortable.  All this points to retirement in Florida.   I just don’t handle cold well.

I’m trying to embrace it though.  It’s a good excuse to cook and yesterday I made vegan apple crisp.  It’s awesome.  Right now I’ve got a curry going while Jasp naps before we head out for activity #2.  Activity #1 was another outing that almost gave me a breakdown.  Toddler with OCD=difficult outings.  But naps reset everything, so we shall see.

I also love winter yoga.  Most yoga is at least a little heated, and it just feels great to put on cozy yoga pants and hit the mat in a warm room.  I’ve been digging my low key classes at the Y and today went to a donation class at a really small studio, and I realized I like my yoga like I like my races….low key, non-corporate, and kinda old school.  I notice some other bloggers are doing yoga challenges, and I may have to come up with something along those lines.     Note to self…come up with interesting yoga challenge this week so I can do something other than stuff myself with vegan apple crisp…have I mentioned it’s awesome?

Yesterday was the marathon pace team practice run.  I love my new pace (4:40).  The 5 hour I did in the past was a little difficult and hurt my knees some.  This pace is easy for me and comfortable.  I had a lot of runners which surprised me since it’s kinda an “off” time (most people go for a more even time goal, like 4:30).    I’ve got a 30K race at the end of the month as a marathon pacer and it was exciting to hear some of the runners say they looked forward to having the pace team there.  It’s just nice to know people are interested in using the pace team and I won’t just be running alone carrying a sign that says 4:40.

Ok…time to wake the little blond energy ball.  We’ve got an animal sanctuary to hit up…then curry, apple crisp, and little down dog.



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