That’s $6.50 a mile…

I don't have a lot of photos of me racing.  This one is ancient.   I no longer own a single piece of the clothing I am wearing....all at Goodwill long ago.
I don’t have a lot of photos of me racing. This one is ancient. I no longer own a single piece of the clothing I am wearing….all at Goodwill long ago.

Gosh dang it I am bloggy lately.  Remember my 2013 goal of being a real blogger?  As a result here is a pondering post to torture you with.

The other day I got a Groupon for $20 off a new local race.  I figured with that kind of savings I would sign up and if I couldn’t make it I’d be out $20, $30 at the most.  Wrong.  Try $65.  Yes, $65 after $20 off.  For a 10 mile race.  So no purchase.

Mark, my main running buddy, and I like to ramble running talk when we run.  We have similar opinions on things and bounce rants of each other and there are lots of “what do you think of this” type conversations.   We talk a lot about how much we have changed since we met as two ultrarunners a few years ago.  We both raced all the time, thought nothing of doing a 5 hour training run, and did stupid things like a 50K on Saturday and then a half marathon on Sunday (or in Mark’s case a 50 miler Saturday followed by a half marathon).   We both agree we were lucky we came out of this phase uninjured.  We ran a lot.  Now, not so much.  Mark says he’s at a point he’s happy not racing.   I’m not sure if I am there yet.  I love having something to motivate me to go harder and longer on a training run.  I love having an outlet to challenge myself.  I love meeting and talking to other runners at races.    But I am completely disgruntled with races like the race I just mentioned.  To be fair, I have never directed a race, so maybe the costs to put one on really are that high, but it really does seem astronomical.

So where I am going with all this other than just complaining?  Well I plan to seek out the events that are smaller in scale thus smaller in price…and usually more fun.  I don’t really have a definitive plan for the year in racing, so I am still looking to see what is out there.    I also plan to find some other challenges for myself:  the virtual 13 in 2013 races, planned routes with friends (like our old “The Sweaty 20 in the Pines Run”…20 miles in the Texas summer through a beautiful state park, with microbrew finishers’ gifts at the end…top that corporate race!)

If anyone wants to join me in creating some fun challenges let me know.  I am always up for something other than my usual “Let me see if I can get up before Jasper and get out the door before he wakes up and then try to function normally all day after 20 miles and 5 hours of sleep.”   Now that’s a challenge…

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