Bring it…

Every plan I will make in the next few days is dependent on the little boy in the crown...scary.
Every plan I will make in the next few days is dependent on the little boy in the crown…scary.

I am not exactly a fan of when Mike has to go overseas for work.   It’s very isolating…life becomes all work and childcare and days go by where I don’t really talk to anyone socially.  I eat cereal a lot for dinner.  I get strange irrational fears like “if I fell and hit my head and was unconscious there is no one who would even know…for days.”  And then I worry “would Jasper just sit here and cry?  Would he and Pancake find my phone and together call 911?”  Yes…very rational stuff.  Seriously though, it’s hard and makes me feel guilty I even come up with this stuff when millions of single parents do this day in and day out and I’m being a big baby about the whole thing.

We don’t the best track record though.  Jasp has gotten sick every trip except for one.   RSV and a stomach bug were the two that completely broke me.  You know,  being up for 48 hours straight, sans shower with a completely miserable child?   Running 100 miles was easier than that.  One of the trips Jasp got a stomach bug the day before Mike left then I got it once he was gone.   That was fun.

Running is a big question mark, but on that front we’ve actually done pretty good in the past.  When Jasp was little and contained in a crib I did my infamous runs up and down the street in front of my house with the baby monitor.  That option went away when the crib did, so I started getting him up a little early and dragging him with me in the stroller.  That has actually worked pretty good.   The weather for the upcoming week looks pretty cold though, so I know there are days stroller runs will not happen.  I’ve got my bike on the trainer all set in the garage and baby monitor ready to roll.  We’ve got free childcare at the Y in the evenings, which didn’t go so well last time we tried it, but I am reserving it as my nuclear option in case I can’t run for several days, and then treadmill and childcare it is.  Yes, this all sounds like a lot of crazy talk, when you probably ask “why not just take the week off running?”  Well, I’ve got a marathon coming up and if running was your stress release and you were trying to get yourself and child who usually refuses to get dressed or wear shoes out of the house at 730 every morning, you would want your stress release too.  I guess I am saying…I’m ready for the upcoming challenges.  I’ve got a plan.  I know the little boy who doesn’t sleep very much could ruin just about any plan, but I am ready.  Bring it!

2 thoughts on “Bring it…”

  1. I hope your time goes well while Mike is away. Hopefully you and Jasper will stay well.
    Let’s do face time this week.

  2. Oh, good luck! I hate when J is gone, too… it’s especially tricky when you’re in training mode. Hang in there!

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