20 is in the books…

I was finally able to escape the ‘hood and the stroller and meet friends to run.   I had company for 12 miles of my 20 miles, then thought I would be solo but ran into a friend and had a buddy almost the whole way.  It made it fly by and I was happy to finally see “20” on my garmin.  It’s a mental thing.  I’d timed out two other 20 milers for the upcoming marathon, one at 19, one at 17.5.  So I really needed to get the 20 done today!   I got to test out my new marathon pacer shirt.  We got our pacer gear this week, and as any runner knows new shoes or gear are the exception to the “money can’t buy happiness” rule.  Well, except pacer gear is free, so it really equals happiness.

I did suprisingly really well on runs this week with Mike gone and very cold weather.   BUT, I have a few things going for me.  I have one kid.  Getting one bundled up in the stroller is doable, but I can’t imagine getting two into the stroller on a cold morning.  I had to make promises of “yes the ipad can come and we will put Nest in the stroller” (Nest is the name of Jasper’s sleeping bag).  I also owe it to Jasper for being very agreeable to stroller runs.  I also had my 2 hour freedom period while he was in speech therapy, and I had time to run, dry off a bit and have a snack before he was done.   Honestly though if I was faced with this solo time more (and that’s a possibility), I think I would seriously consider a treadmill.   Oh, and a shout out to military spouses out there.  Having your husband or wife overseas is a little stressful because there is the constant concern of if something happened they can’t just fly home that night.  So I can’t imagine doing that for months at a time, while worried that something bad could happen to them while they are away.   So yeah, once again I am reminded I’ve got it pretty darn good.

Now I’m off to the zoo with compression socks on…

6 thoughts on “20 is in the books…”

  1. I love your dedication to making it work! My sister in law couldn’t survive without her treadmill and bike trainer for when the kids are asleep. Makes a 9 month deployment tolerable.

  2. You know, running in Austin (or Texas for that matter) comes down to roads anyway, so Treadmil is not an evil option as it seems to many. Now, if I were back where I came from…:) Congrats on 20.

  3. Great job on the 20! Yes- solo parenting always reminds me how good I have it, too. It looks like my husband may take a new job this summer with longer hours, in which case, I would LOVE a treadmill!

    1. Yes, a treadmill would make life easier. I just don’t know if I would use it other than when I am solo. I’ll run in just about any nasty weather if it’s just me. But we’ll see…it would make it almost impossible to miss a run.

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