Rogue 30K recap…

First, I must mention I got a groupon for Parkour classes. I was under the impression Parkour was a made up sport for youtube. I stand corrected. It has a federation and certified coaches who will coach you if you purchase the groupon classes. Parkour hasn not made my to do list, but I suspect it would have some appeal for a certain small boy:

photoToday was the Rogue 30K, aka official marathon pacer practice run.  A few thoughts:  The high school volunteers were delightful, but the course was kinda meh.  Is there no where better to run other than a massive out and back in an empty mall parking lot?  Mike and Jasp made it around mile 10, after I realized driving there the course was very close to my house.  So I quick texted them directions, and they made it.  Jasp loved it and high fived a lot of folks.  It’s always fun to see them on the course.  When I dashed into the porta potty Jasp felt the need to announce “Oh, mommy in potty.” I had left my pacer sign on the group and he also announced “Mommy’s sign”.  Great, he’ll be expecting me to have a sign on a stick for all runs now.  As is the norm in pacing, I get a nice little group of people and usually everyone falls off by the end and I finish alone.  But the folks I met were all very nice people and sounded like they were in for the marathon.  Finally it’s amazing how much better I feel after a run when I drop the pace a bit.  I am feeling fine, not tired at all.   Or maybe that’s due to my post race latte….Nice to have the first race of 13 in 2013 done.  12 more to go!

Anyhow, off to do some yoga while the small one naps, dreaming of Parkour…



2 thoughts on “Rogue 30K recap…”

  1. Great job pacing the 30k! Pretty cute how Jasper was narrating your actions. 🙂 And just read about Ella, I’m sorry! We don’t have any pets, but I grew up with dogs and know how hard it is to say goodbye.

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