No backing out now…

Maybe I should take up swimming like Jasper...Who turns 3 this week!
Maybe I should take up swimming like Jasper…Who turns 3 this week!

I just pulled the trigger and signed up for the Prickly Pear 50K in March.  I’ve been wavering.  The only reason is I don’t have a buddy for this one, and I don’t really think Mike and Jasp want to go.  But I’ve wanted to do it.  I’ve done it two other times, and there’s not an easier course out there.  Which is good, I am not wanting to spend hours on the greenbelt with the biggest hills I can find.  I get to cheat and do my long training run on marathon day, and I don’t have to do one really long run on my own.  I didn’t have any other spring time challenges on my calendar, and Mike was fully blessing me to go do it.  So, all signs pointed to yes, and I figured I needed to take the plunge so I would go through with it.  Part of me is a little nervous.  I haven’t gone over a marathon in 4 years.

Otherwise the week is dominated by getting new windows and Jasper’s birthday.  Windows are in, and it’s amazing how vastly improved they are.  Apparently, mid 80s window technology wasn’t too great in the areas of noise reduction, temperature regulation and aesthetics.   So modern ones were well over do.  I like that I can hold my hand up to one and I don’t feel cold air blowing in anymore.  I don’t like the fact my entire home and everything in it is covered in thick dust.  Hello, day off project….

As far as the birthday, minus the beverage pick up, all is done.  Indoor pool party booked….check.  Cars themed decor…check.  Pink cake ordered…check (Jasp’s request).   Super cool add on for Jasper’s marble track purchased for present…check (the boy loves him some obstacle course toys).  Pre-birthday 20 mile run and massage planned to help enjoy pink cake eating even more…check.

Anyone out there looking to do a 50K this spring?  Want to join me?


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