Desserts in the breakroom…

I’m sitting here pigging out on the most incredible lunch made entirely by one co-worker.  How come if I make a kale salad is seems tough and inedible but when someone else does it is the most delicious thing?   My plate also includes some kind of yogurt-lime fruit dip that is incredibile.   I’m doing my best to pretend we don’t have desserts in the breakroom. 

I had many ideas for a blog post but didn’t seem to make any of them materialize:  Pre-50K jitters (crap, less than two weeks away!), the endless energy contained within small boys, and my massive failure on homemade wheat gluten (aka seitan, pronounced satan…that should have been a hint), and the fact that when I googled it the first thing that came up was an article entitled “Things a Dietician would never eat” (appartently there are few worse evils in the world then wheat these days), and my readiness to be done with running on cold mornings…but none of these ever of these topics seemed to morph into anything more than ideas….and now my lunch break is almost over.

And crap, there are three kinds of dessert in the breakroom.  Good thing I am taking a small boy with endless energy swimming after work.


Weekend meh…

Jasper saw some dinosaurs this weekend.
Jasper saw some dinosaurs this weekend.

First off, I did the meal planning thing this weekend, or at least my best attempt at it.  Here goes:

Spicy tempeh w/ rotelle pasta and broccoli rabe (made it last night…tasty)

Grilled salmon and asparagus

Barbeque tofu

Homemade seitan (wheat gluten) in stirfry

All the vegan recipes are from the Vegenomicon book, which is amazing.   I am a little scared of the wheat gluten, but love it in chinese food when I have had it, so I’m going bold and making it.

And speaking of vegan, did a nice 13 miler Saturday and then tried a new taco trailer called Rockin’ Vegan Tacos.  Wow!  What a great post run treat.  We quit egg yolks a few months ago for health reasons, and I just hadn’t found a breakfast taco substitute that worked for me…until now.  Yum.

The weekend runs were pretty subdued after the big all consuming marathon weekend.  I am plowing through until my 50K, so I ran pretty normal runs.  There just isn’t much exciting to report on, but just having nice runs with company is fun.  Although I was not a fan of mornings back in the 30s and 40s.  I love 60s and 70s.

And so it goes…a challenge of keeping a blog is life is sometimes routine.  This is not bad…it can be very nice, but not necessarily interesting to other people.   So forgive me for being slightly mundane while I try to kick some ideas around.

Jasper declared it was his birthday this weekend and danced around accordingly.  Maybe I should try that too…


Austin marathon report…

Me and the best partner in the world.
Me and the best pacer partner in the world.
Pacing the Austin marathon is such an honor.  It’s really hard to explain to people why it’s such an honor and so much fun at the same time.  I get to celebrate two of my favorite things:  running and Austin.  I also get to watch people transform over the course as they finish something they often times didn’t think they could do.   You get to see people at their very best, as they dig as deep as they can.  In Austin where there are countless Ironman finishers, ultra runners, and all around amazing athletes, it’s easy to lose sight that a marathon is a huge accomplishment.  Most the runners out on the course had to balance family, work, and other obligations to make it to the starting line.  Some had even more, as the pacee that stayed with us the longest told us she was running in honor of her dad who just passed three weeks ago.   Most runners out there put a heck of a lot of work into that marathon.  And please remember, the “slower” paces worked just has hard as the 3:00 folks.  Tales of doing eight pre-marathon 20 milers floated around the 4:40 group….so yes, these folks work darn hard.  One of the hardest workers of all is my partner, Korrie.  While most of us are enjoying 60 degree winter days to run in, she’s putting in her miles in single digit temperatures, and when it dips below that, doing her long runs on a treadmill.  When I first met Korrie 5 Austin marathons ago, we hit it off right away, and had the same pacing philosophy:  this is a huge privilege and we owe to the runners to get it right.  We owe to them to train hard, to be ready on race day, and run those even splits!   I love hitting the splits on such a great course.  I love the hills, the love running through so many of Austin’s prettiest neighborhoods, I love seeing my fellow nurses volunteering along the course, and I love seeing my family every year around the 23 mile mark and getting a huge lift from them.  I love it most of all when the first time marathoners who stuck with us for the whole “bus ride ” (the bus analogy for pacing is too cool!) go ahead at the end and push that final hill.  Getting to share a moment like that with someone who lets you into their world over 26.2 miles is an honor like no other.  So when the pacees thank us, I always say “No, thank YOU.”  I think the pacers get more out of this than the runners do.  Thanks for another great marathon, 2013 pace team.




“Mommy, play yoga?”

Me and my yoga partner.  Please excuse my attire, and hair.  This is our wake up yoga!
Me and my yoga partner. Please excuse my attire, and hair. This is our wake up yoga!

Yesterday was marathon # 28.  I’ll do a whole different post about why pacing another Austin marathon was so awesome.  It will take more time than I have for a lunch break.  Marathon #28  is why I have nothing for meal planning link up this week.  Well, just homemade Vietanmese vermichelli.  We freakin’ live off this stuff from restaurants, and I realized I can easily make it at home.  I hope to rejoin the organized people next week and plan out some meals in advance. 

Thanks to all for your treadmill comments.  It would seem that those who own them, love them.  I’m going to try out running on one at the Y to see how I like it, and seriously consider if I should start saving my pennies. 

I’m playing catch up on work/ life after all things marathon consumed my last three days, and as I said, details to come.   But dang it, nothing beats going for a long run on a pretty day.  I gotta say I am pretty lucky, and don’t plan to lose sight of that fact.


To treadmill or not to treadmill, that is the question…

Lollipops = more hours on the treadmill.
Lollipops = more hours on the treadmill.

Jaspy was up early again, so he and I did a stroller run.  Even though these runs are slower, I’d like to think the extra weight to push counts for something, but maybe the slower pace cancels out the weight.  But it got me thinking:  Is a treadmill a worthwhile investment?

Whenever Mike is out of town (which is about every couple of months) I sure wish I had one.  The stroller has been working but it can often be too cold, and I figure I have a year, tops, and then Jasper will just be too big.   A treadmill would also come in handy on bad weather days.  Also in the summer it is so hot here you really want to start your run pretty early.  It would be nice to have the option to do part of a long run inside when the temps started getting really hot.    But I do wonder if I would use it that much or if it would be a very expensive dust collector.

My experience with treadmills is limited.  Can you believe I’ve never been a member of a gym until we joined the Y about 6 months ago?  I’ve only run on treadmills in hotels and on a cruise ship (a side story:  all there is to do on a cruise ship is eat.  So I decided I HAD to run everyday.  The stupid ship had a “20 minute only” rule for the treadmills and they had people there to enforce it.  I woke up every morning at 5am or something to sit outside the fitness center so I could be the first one there.  As long as no one else was there I could run on the thing as long as I wanted.   So I ran with no music, no tv until someone came in and wanted to walk on the stupid thing.  I decided cruise ship vacations were not for me).  So basically I’ve only run on super crappy treadmills and have no idea if I would like it now.  I’ve done a couple hours on the bike trainer a few times while watching a movie, and I’ve run over 40 circles around my block with a podcast in my ear, so I’ve proven to myself I can cope with boredom.  But I hate buying stuff that we end up not using.  I try and really think about everything we buy not so much to save money, but just to prevent accumulating crap .  I hate excess and clutter.  But the thought of setting Jaspy up with a movie and then knocking out 10 miles is very appealing!  And we do have space for it since we have a second living room/ play room area.    But I still have to wonder if I’d run on it when Mike was gone and the rest of the time it would be somewhere for Jasper to stack his blocks and roll his marbles down, and possibly inflict an ER trip worthy injury on himself.

I’d love to hear from treadmill owning friends.  Do you use it?  Is it a worthwhile investment or does it sit there all but a couple days a year?


This is how I (sushi) roll…

I made this!
I made this!

Ah, Sunday night.  Always a bit of a downer that the weekend went by so fast, but I am happy not to be completely spent this Sunday.  I toned it down some this weekend, and what a difference…we were still plenty busy, but not so much that I shoveled entire meals down in 5 minutes over the sink in between activities.    And speaking of meals, taking a cue from Laura at Mommy Runs Fast, I tried to start planning meals a little better.    Our weekday meals are “let’s stirfry whatever is in the fridge” most nights.  M-F is just so dang busy with both of us working and Jasp and I having an hour or more of traffic most nights.  Not sure exactly what order we’ll eat these in, but here’s what we’ve got:  Tonight was homemade sushi and some veggie rice bowls.  Yes,  I know that makes me sound awesome, but I made very simple sushi.   Other nights are vegetarian pad thai, Orzo with tempeh, sundried tomatoes, and spinach from the post punk kitchen (seriously, the best vegetarian recipes) , and grilled chicken breasts.  That leaves two nights to wing it or grab take out.    I can live with that.   Jasper will eat none of it but that is another post.

The weekend’s running and yoga went well.  I skipped yoga class and did a home practice with lots of arm balances (yay for lots of Crow pose).  I won’t lie, it wasn’t the same as going to a class, but it was one less thing on my plate for the weekend.   Jasp got up at 430 Saturday so I cancelled a run with my friend Steve (who moved back to Austin, another yay!), and took Jaspy out in the stroller.  I was proud of my resourcefulness.  6 miles with Jasp, dropped him off and woke up Mike and then another 7 on my own.  Today I did meet Steve and Mark and dressed for 70 and clear but it was 50 and dumping rain.  I am such a wimp.  I don’t do cold and wet very well, but I managed 8 miles.   Both runs made me think.  Saturday Jaspy and I ran by a house that must have burned down on Friday.  It was sobering, just about a mile from our home, and had my mind stuck in the moment the rest of the run and very present on what a wonderful morning I was given.  Today’s run was a reminder of how much I enjoy meeting up with friends and yet what another wonderful morning I had, despite being cold and wet.

This is long, and I have shows waiting for me.  Gonna start House of Cards tonight because I need another show like my house needs more dust bunnies, but I cannot resist.  Popcorn, a good show, and compression socks on a Sunday night…that’s how I roll.


The never ending pink cake…

Two things in this picture affected running this week:  the 430 waker upper, and the giant strawberry cake that yielded lots of leftovers.
Two things in this picture affected running this week: the 430 waker upper, and the giant strawberry cake that yielded lots of leftovers.

Score 1 for yoga.  Had a little 20 minute mini-session last night.  Maybe all these mini sessions add up into keeping running aches and pains at bay.   Negative score for running.  It happened, but not the full distance due to having company in a stroller.  Which brings me to this point:  I am still figuring out the whole kid/ run thing.  I am more and more accepting that flexibility is KEY and trying not to think about what I’m not doing, but what I AM.  Oh, and not reading too many running blogs and feeling inadequate from them.  Everyone’s life circumstances are different.    I need to print this out and tape in on the stroller for my next run.  🙂



Yoga cuteness…

More pool party cuteness.
More pool party cuteness.

This past weekend I decided to try and do more yoga at home.  My plan is to aim for one evening session a week after Jasp goes to bed and keep my Wednesday night class which seems to fit in well without causing too much family chaos.  To be clear, I would go to a yoga class everyday if I could, but that’s not going to happen, so I try and sneak in 10-15 minutes post run, plus a home session, plus a real class.   I’ll keep up posts on how this  is going and what I’m experimenting with if any other running friends want to join in a bit of a yoga challenge.  Just like running from home, there is a certain joy in the resourcefullness of yoga at home.  This morning I had the very usual expereince of Jasp still being asleep when I got in from my run, so I got 15 minutes in easily.  That doesn’t happen too often though.  Of note, Jasper’s daycare does yoga and appartently he is a big fan.   The pictures of all the kids on thier yoga mats is the cutest thing ever.  Currently Jasp and I are working together on his “edstand”.  He’s almost got it.  Soooo cute.




The never ending super bowl shuffle…

My favorite pic of Jasper's party. If only the "apple milk"  box (Jasp's term for juice) hadn't made it into the foreground.
My favorite pic of Jasper’s party. If only the “apple milk” box (Jasp’s term for juice) hadn’t made it into the foreground.

Warning:  Mike is at a Super Bowl party.  Jasper went to bed early (gasp!), so that leaves me a lot of time to ramble on an overly long post.

First off, today’s run was great.  I did my virtual 10K for the 13 in 2013 challenge.  A virtual race may seem kinda silly at first.  Really, it’s a self imposed time trial, an online recording that you did it, and then a chance to get in a drawing for some really cool prizes.  I did surprisingly well, and was very please I ran much faster than I had been when I had some purpose.  The ladies doing the 2013 series really have put a ton of work into it, and are doing a nice thing to help motivate folks and it’s all free.

Next, I realize I probably sound like a bit of a shithead on my last post whining I only did 18 miles.  I totally do not mean to come off as one of the obnoxious people who say things like “I have an easy day tomorrow,  just 15 mile run and then a 3 hour bike ride.”  But I realize that’s probably how it sounds.  What it all comes down to is pacing the marathon is an honor and I want to respect the job and do the work.   I’m pretty lucky.  While I do not run at the level I did pre-kid, that level was pretty insane.  I remember a Friday of emails with Stephanie where we decided to run 26.2 for fun on the hike and bike the next morning.  Would not happen now…ever.  But I have enough room in my schedule to do a lot…and I am thankful.

And, speaking of a lot…..we had a lovely weekend.  A lot of tasks, as well as things we wanted to do got done.  Jasp had a fantastic birthday which I’ll write about more later, but both Saturday and today left me fried.   This weekend I decided we (or at least I) need to tone down weekends.  Something’s gotta give.  I spend every minute of the weekend out of the house.  I won’t bore you with all the crap we seem to do on the weekends and some is nonnegotiable, but I am committed to making our family’s days off less of a rat race.    I’m giving up Sunday yoga, unless the weekend is pretty quiet and we aren’t doing much (which hasn’t happened in ages).  I’m going to focus a little more on some shorter evening sessions of home practice…that will be another post later this week too.   It’s good to have a breaking point.  I don’t need to eat all my meals standing at the kitchen sink, I don’t need to wear 3 different sets of workout clothes in one day, and I don’t need to get an afternoon latte each day because I am tired and trigger my Starbucks  “this coffee costs $5 and there are people without basic necessities, but here I am buying a $5 drink and what does that say about me, and society in general”  guilt trip.  But dang, when a girl’s tired  and there’s a drive through, caffeine consumerism wins over social justice every time.

Long post over…Thank you notes are calling my name…then bed!


Ahhhh! Total run frustration…

I had 3 20 mile runs scheduled for my upcoming marathon.  I timed out yet another one today, bringing my total to one 20 miler completed.  “Timing out” is what happens when I have a hard stop time that is the latest I can finish and still get home with 30 minutes or so to shower, stuff food in my face, gather all our stuff for swimming lessons and rush out.  It’s far from ideal, but weekends are no longer all about me, they are all about Jasp, so 20 mile runs get crammed in when they can.

I suppose perspective is in order here.  Most people don’t have time or resources to do 20 mile runs, so there’s that.   Today was just extra frustrating because I thought I had taken all precautions not to time out.  I woke up at freakin’ 4am to make a 5am start.  I had the motivation to make the full 20 and to be fair I made it to 18.8, but not my goal.

The rest of the day was such a whirlwind of activities with zero recovery and crappy eating over the sink as I rushed from one thing to another, that I questioned if this long run stuff should even be in my life.  It’s just hard to cram a 20 mile in a weekend that is already completely stacked.

So what to do?  I really don’t want to quit marathons.  I pouted a bit and then started trying be more positive.  I have some ideas to not run out of time.  I may just have to move my long run day and run solo on the days I have something as long as 20.  I won’t bore you anymore than I already have with details, other than to ask if anyone else has this problem?  Do you fail to complete runs due to time running out, not lack of motivation?

And this  whiny blog post was really just an attempt to avoid stretching and the foam roller.  A side effect of cramming in a 20 miler is no time to do all the regular post run stuff I do, and then sore, sore legs after a day of swimming, Costco, haircut (for me), trip the park, dinner and clean up.  Ouch.  It seems like a lot when I type it that way.  rest and sleep call…gotta rest up for a little boy’s party tomorrow.  Can a toddler birthday count towards mileage?