Ahhhh! Total run frustration…

I had 3 20 mile runs scheduled for my upcoming marathon.  I timed out yet another one today, bringing my total to one 20 miler completed.  “Timing out” is what happens when I have a hard stop time that is the latest I can finish and still get home with 30 minutes or so to shower, stuff food in my face, gather all our stuff for swimming lessons and rush out.  It’s far from ideal, but weekends are no longer all about me, they are all about Jasp, so 20 mile runs get crammed in when they can.

I suppose perspective is in order here.  Most people don’t have time or resources to do 20 mile runs, so there’s that.   Today was just extra frustrating because I thought I had taken all precautions not to time out.  I woke up at freakin’ 4am to make a 5am start.  I had the motivation to make the full 20 and to be fair I made it to 18.8, but not my goal.

The rest of the day was such a whirlwind of activities with zero recovery and crappy eating over the sink as I rushed from one thing to another, that I questioned if this long run stuff should even be in my life.  It’s just hard to cram a 20 mile in a weekend that is already completely stacked.

So what to do?  I really don’t want to quit marathons.  I pouted a bit and then started trying be more positive.  I have some ideas to not run out of time.  I may just have to move my long run day and run solo on the days I have something as long as 20.  I won’t bore you anymore than I already have with details, other than to ask if anyone else has this problem?  Do you fail to complete runs due to time running out, not lack of motivation?

And this  whiny blog post was really just an attempt to avoid stretching and the foam roller.  A side effect of cramming in a 20 miler is no time to do all the regular post run stuff I do, and then sore, sore legs after a day of swimming, Costco, haircut (for me), trip the park, dinner and clean up.  Ouch.  It seems like a lot when I type it that way.  rest and sleep call…gotta rest up for a little boy’s party tomorrow.  Can a toddler birthday count towards mileage?


2 thoughts on “Ahhhh! Total run frustration…”

  1. If it means that much, you probably should just run solo. Or possibly find some faster running buddies. I’m sure you could have squeezed in another 1.8 if we had not been dragging you down. I personally prefer to have company and still managed a marathon on only one 20 miler. I seriously doubt you won’t be able to pace your group because you only ran 18.8 and not 20 this morning. Life is busy enough. Give yourself a break.

    1. I definitely enjoy meeting friends! But running solo means eliminating what totals up to a lot of drive time. I usually cave most weekends to meet people and just deal with the drive. Also, the pacing is so different from your own marathon. I really want to say I did the work that the runners did who joined the group. There is something mental about the 20 miler for sure. And you guys did not drag me down! You and Mark and by far speedier than me!

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