Yoga cuteness…

More pool party cuteness.
More pool party cuteness.

This past weekend I decided to try and do more yoga at home.  My plan is to aim for one evening session a week after Jasp goes to bed and keep my Wednesday night class which seems to fit in well without causing too much family chaos.  To be clear, I would go to a yoga class everyday if I could, but that’s not going to happen, so I try and sneak in 10-15 minutes post run, plus a home session, plus a real class.   I’ll keep up posts on how this  is going and what I’m experimenting with if any other running friends want to join in a bit of a yoga challenge.  Just like running from home, there is a certain joy in the resourcefullness of yoga at home.  This morning I had the very usual expereince of Jasp still being asleep when I got in from my run, so I got 15 minutes in easily.  That doesn’t happen too often though.  Of note, Jasper’s daycare does yoga and appartently he is a big fan.   The pictures of all the kids on thier yoga mats is the cutest thing ever.  Currently Jasp and I are working together on his “edstand”.  He’s almost got it.  Soooo cute.




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