This is how I (sushi) roll…

I made this!
I made this!

Ah, Sunday night.  Always a bit of a downer that the weekend went by so fast, but I am happy not to be completely spent this Sunday.  I toned it down some this weekend, and what a difference…we were still plenty busy, but not so much that I shoveled entire meals down in 5 minutes over the sink in between activities.    And speaking of meals, taking a cue from Laura at Mommy Runs Fast, I tried to start planning meals a little better.    Our weekday meals are “let’s stirfry whatever is in the fridge” most nights.  M-F is just so dang busy with both of us working and Jasp and I having an hour or more of traffic most nights.  Not sure exactly what order we’ll eat these in, but here’s what we’ve got:  Tonight was homemade sushi and some veggie rice bowls.  Yes,  I know that makes me sound awesome, but I made very simple sushi.   Other nights are vegetarian pad thai, Orzo with tempeh, sundried tomatoes, and spinach from the post punk kitchen (seriously, the best vegetarian recipes) , and grilled chicken breasts.  That leaves two nights to wing it or grab take out.    I can live with that.   Jasper will eat none of it but that is another post.

The weekend’s running and yoga went well.  I skipped yoga class and did a home practice with lots of arm balances (yay for lots of Crow pose).  I won’t lie, it wasn’t the same as going to a class, but it was one less thing on my plate for the weekend.   Jasp got up at 430 Saturday so I cancelled a run with my friend Steve (who moved back to Austin, another yay!), and took Jaspy out in the stroller.  I was proud of my resourcefulness.  6 miles with Jasp, dropped him off and woke up Mike and then another 7 on my own.  Today I did meet Steve and Mark and dressed for 70 and clear but it was 50 and dumping rain.  I am such a wimp.  I don’t do cold and wet very well, but I managed 8 miles.   Both runs made me think.  Saturday Jaspy and I ran by a house that must have burned down on Friday.  It was sobering, just about a mile from our home, and had my mind stuck in the moment the rest of the run and very present on what a wonderful morning I was given.  Today’s run was a reminder of how much I enjoy meeting up with friends and yet what another wonderful morning I had, despite being cold and wet.

This is long, and I have shows waiting for me.  Gonna start House of Cards tonight because I need another show like my house needs more dust bunnies, but I cannot resist.  Popcorn, a good show, and compression socks on a Sunday night…that’s how I roll.

3 thoughts on “This is how I (sushi) roll…”

    1. thanks for being the inspiration to plan meals a little better. I was starting to feel like ‘i knew how to cook once…what happened ?” Now I feel more like a cook when I have recipes!

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