To treadmill or not to treadmill, that is the question…

Lollipops = more hours on the treadmill.
Lollipops = more hours on the treadmill.

Jaspy was up early again, so he and I did a stroller run.  Even though these runs are slower, I’d like to think the extra weight to push counts for something, but maybe the slower pace cancels out the weight.  But it got me thinking:  Is a treadmill a worthwhile investment?

Whenever Mike is out of town (which is about every couple of months) I sure wish I had one.  The stroller has been working but it can often be too cold, and I figure I have a year, tops, and then Jasper will just be too big.   A treadmill would also come in handy on bad weather days.  Also in the summer it is so hot here you really want to start your run pretty early.  It would be nice to have the option to do part of a long run inside when the temps started getting really hot.    But I do wonder if I would use it that much or if it would be a very expensive dust collector.

My experience with treadmills is limited.  Can you believe I’ve never been a member of a gym until we joined the Y about 6 months ago?  I’ve only run on treadmills in hotels and on a cruise ship (a side story:  all there is to do on a cruise ship is eat.  So I decided I HAD to run everyday.  The stupid ship had a “20 minute only” rule for the treadmills and they had people there to enforce it.  I woke up every morning at 5am or something to sit outside the fitness center so I could be the first one there.  As long as no one else was there I could run on the thing as long as I wanted.   So I ran with no music, no tv until someone came in and wanted to walk on the stupid thing.  I decided cruise ship vacations were not for me).  So basically I’ve only run on super crappy treadmills and have no idea if I would like it now.  I’ve done a couple hours on the bike trainer a few times while watching a movie, and I’ve run over 40 circles around my block with a podcast in my ear, so I’ve proven to myself I can cope with boredom.  But I hate buying stuff that we end up not using.  I try and really think about everything we buy not so much to save money, but just to prevent accumulating crap .  I hate excess and clutter.  But the thought of setting Jaspy up with a movie and then knocking out 10 miles is very appealing!  And we do have space for it since we have a second living room/ play room area.    But I still have to wonder if I’d run on it when Mike was gone and the rest of the time it would be somewhere for Jasper to stack his blocks and roll his marbles down, and possibly inflict an ER trip worthy injury on himself.

I’d love to hear from treadmill owning friends.  Do you use it?  Is it a worthwhile investment or does it sit there all but a couple days a year?


5 thoughts on “To treadmill or not to treadmill, that is the question…”

  1. My husband bought me a treadmill and I use it all the time! I run early in the mornings before the kids are up since I don’t feel safe running in the dark. Or, if I had a rough night with the kids, I let my oldest watch a show and run while the baby is napping. I’ll start using my double stroller once the baby is older but I love having the treadmill as an option. We got a great Black Friday deal on a commercial norditrack and it is more expensive but worth the quality. I does look a little cluttered in our guest room but if it keeps me sane by giving me an option to run it is worth it!!!

  2. I really want a treadmill! As my husband’s schedule gets busier, there are so many times that I think, I could be running right now if we had a treadmill! Keep us posted… I know nothing about types of treadmills for the home…

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