Weekend meh…

Jasper saw some dinosaurs this weekend.
Jasper saw some dinosaurs this weekend.

First off, I did the meal planning thing this weekend, or at least my best attempt at it.  Here goes:

Spicy tempeh w/ rotelle pasta and broccoli rabe (made it last night…tasty)

Grilled salmon and asparagus

Barbeque tofu

Homemade seitan (wheat gluten) in stirfry

All the vegan recipes are from the Vegenomicon book, which is amazing.   I am a little scared of the wheat gluten, but love it in chinese food when I have had it, so I’m going bold and making it.

And speaking of vegan, did a nice 13 miler Saturday and then tried a new taco trailer called Rockin’ Vegan Tacos.  Wow!  What a great post run treat.  We quit egg yolks a few months ago for health reasons, and I just hadn’t found a breakfast taco substitute that worked for me…until now.  Yum.

The weekend runs were pretty subdued after the big all consuming marathon weekend.  I am plowing through until my 50K, so I ran pretty normal runs.  There just isn’t much exciting to report on, but just having nice runs with company is fun.  Although I was not a fan of mornings back in the 30s and 40s.  I love 60s and 70s.

And so it goes…a challenge of keeping a blog is life is sometimes routine.  This is not bad…it can be very nice, but not necessarily interesting to other people.   So forgive me for being slightly mundane while I try to kick some ideas around.

Jasper declared it was his birthday this weekend and danced around accordingly.  Maybe I should try that too…

2 thoughts on “Weekend meh…”

    1. Yes, Vegenomicon is amazing. Some of the recipes are a little involved…but everything is so tasty and original. 50K is in a couple weeks! Thanks for the comment, and love your blog, BTW!

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