Desserts in the breakroom…

I’m sitting here pigging out on the most incredible lunch made entirely by one co-worker.  How come if I make a kale salad is seems tough and inedible but when someone else does it is the most delicious thing?   My plate also includes some kind of yogurt-lime fruit dip that is incredibile.   I’m doing my best to pretend we don’t have desserts in the breakroom. 

I had many ideas for a blog post but didn’t seem to make any of them materialize:  Pre-50K jitters (crap, less than two weeks away!), the endless energy contained within small boys, and my massive failure on homemade wheat gluten (aka seitan, pronounced satan…that should have been a hint), and the fact that when I googled it the first thing that came up was an article entitled “Things a Dietician would never eat” (appartently there are few worse evils in the world then wheat these days), and my readiness to be done with running on cold mornings…but none of these ever of these topics seemed to morph into anything more than ideas….and now my lunch break is almost over.

And crap, there are three kinds of dessert in the breakroom.  Good thing I am taking a small boy with endless energy swimming after work.

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