Was it really once that green here?
Was it really once that green here? Pancake also looks very clean in this photo….I think it may be time for her to have a bath.

I couldn’t find any pictures of the Prickly Pear race.  I’ve had a couple computer crashes over the years and lost many photos.  I did find this picture of Cake though, from about the last time I did the race.  We had a ton of rain that year and it was very green.  Such a contrast to how things are now….dang drought!

Speaking of rain, rain is forecast for the race.  I don’t mind a light drizzle, but do not want to be dumped on for 31 miles!  BUT, I’m a little iffy if this race will happen this weekend.  I’ve got a cold and it’s been bumpy this week in the Jasper dept.  Leaving for the whole day makes me a little worried…so I’m taking it hour by hour and will make a decision tonight.  I’ve learned over the years that race weeks always seem to have issues.  I’ve had food poisoning, an injured dogs, a sick child, work deadlines, and and the like to all potentially derail a race.  Most of the time I rally, but I’ve had some cancellations, especially in the last three years, since a certain little boy gifted me with sleep deprivation.   In the end, I think having a normal, chaotic life of a working parent, just makes me appreciate the times a run gets pulled off.  And yes, I do know all the aforementioned things are normal and unless you are an elite athlete life carries on despite the fact that you signed up for a big goal race.  It’s part of the challenge us regular people face and just add another element for running making you a tougher, more resilient person.  At least that is what I am telling myself while I sit here with a scratchy throat, a mind full of too do lists, and other concerns.


1 thought on “50K?”

  1. Hope you are able to make the right decision for you about your race and if you do run, you don’t get rained on! But yes, life happens. I almost always get sick or my kids get sick before a race and I never feel like I show of for a race well rested. But I love your attitude, we all have so many responsibilities outside running so we do the best we can!

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