It’s coming!!!!


"I have been sick and stayed up for two nights straight, and also have been very difficult with my other "issues".  But don't I look cute in my sleeping bag?"
“I have been sick and stayed up for two nights straight, and also have been very difficult with my other “issues”. But don’t I look cute in my sleeping bag?”

This has been a  challenging week so far.  Rather than rehash all the detail, let’s focus on the positive:

A treadmill is being delivered to my house on Saturday.   A whole new world is about to open up to me.  No more coercing Jaspy to get into the stroller at 530am (how I ran this morning), no more gutting it out in pouring rain, and no more having to start 20 milers by 5am in the summer to beat the heat.  I am so excited.  I picked the Precor 9.23 after a lot of interweb research, which is their entry level model.  It’s very basic, and I chose to sacrifice some bells and whistles for what I have been told is durability, since I foresee myself running on this thing a lot.   I couldn’t really come up with any bells and whistles I would use anyway.   Just tell me how far I have run and have the ability to create incline.

You might be reading this and think  “You silly person, that’s a lot of money to spend just to run.  Just deal with missing some runs.”  Well, I thought that way too for a long time, but with a husband who travels, and a little boy who quickly becoming not so little as to be stuffed into a stroller, I thought “why shouldn’t  I get to make running and little easier when it’s just me at home?”  Then I thought of all the other possibilities.  I will get to watch so many movies now!  I can run when (and if) Jasper takes a nap!  I can hill train for anything because I can create hills that last for miles!  I can’t wait!

First run is Sunday….I’ll be planning all the ways this treadmill will help me with world domination.  Cannot wait!

6 thoughts on “It’s coming!!!!”

  1. Congrats! My husband surprised me with a treadmill last year for Christmas. You know you are a running nerd when that is a romantic/thoughtful gift. But, I thank him every day because it helps me get my runs in. You will have to do some posts on ways to keep long runs interesting on the treadmill.

    1. I already did a lot of “boring” runs. Up and down the street, or I rode my trainer. Really I rely on podcasts and netflix. I’ll write a post on it at some point!

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