Do angry birds have treadmills?

The treadmill came this morning.   It’s gorgeous.  I haven’t run on it yet, because Jasper is taking a nap.  Although I do plan to run on it while he’s asleep, I will take no chances with this nap since he’s been up since 3:00am, after a 9:20 bedtime.  Other wake up times this week include another 3am, a 4am, and the winner, a 1:30am.   He did not go back to sleep any of these days and still didn’t go to bed until 9pm.  You could see how running, yoga DVDs, and hamstring strengthening exercises that normally occur when Jasper is asleep didn’t happen.  Well, some running did, but only with a stroller.   Jasper has played a lot of Angry Birds this week.  That is what a child does when he wakes up at 1:30 and his mother refuses to get up and start coffee for the day at 1:30 am.  So Angry Birds it is in a dark room in the bed where I could at least pretend that shutting my eyes while I heard angry bird squawks = quality sleep.

No doubt that 3 year olds with issues cut into workouts.   I’ve now got a treadmill, a trainer with a very nice bike on it, yoga DVDs and a yoga mat.  I really should never have to leave my house to exercise ever again.  I guess I will pencil it in before 1:30am but after 9:30pm.  Ouch.

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