Treddie and meals…

So shiny and pretty...
So shiny and pretty…

I premiered the treddie this morning.  I got up and hit it by 515, and Mike and Jasper slept through it.  Jasper also slept past 3am.  Victory x2.  I attempted a hill workout.  A few things I realized:

The pace I set it at felt so much faster than running outside at the same pace.   Why is this?

Hills on the treadmill are no joke.  The hill workout I tried got up to a 10% incline and I felt like I had to hold on.  It was so hard.  I was dripping.  I lasted 2 miles, and brought it down to just a steady run at 1.5% incline.  This will definitely be something to work on.

The miles started slow and went quicker as I went on.  I did 7 miles and the first 2 seemed like an eternity.  After a while they seemed to go by faster.  I watched Netflix and kinda couldn’t settle on something.  Having something good to watch helps.

The verdict is overall I really enjoyed it.  No it’s not the same as a pretty run outside, but it was nice to not go out at 5am and do my entire run alone in the dark.  I think I will easily do at least a couple runs a week on it.  I could see starting a long run on it while it’s dark, then heading outside once it’s light.  No matter how safe my neighborhood is, it’s always a little eerie to be out running at 430-5am.

Now onto the meal planning, or lack there of:

This weekend has been pretty packed after a week home by myself and both Jaspy and I being sick for part of it.  The fact that I try to do the meal planning link up is about the only reason I came up with anything.  Another pitiful but well meaning attempt:

Grilled salmon, grilled eggplant, rice

Grilled salmon leftovers

Curry baked tofu (vegan meal)

Pizza night for possible playdate

Grilled chicken

Other goodies:  vegan peanut butter cheesecake (sadly it’s almost gone and my fave dessert),  Superfood oatmeal I got at Costco yesterday (this stuff is awesome), lots of P, B and J lunches (I’m not very creative, and these are for me, not for the 3 year old who does not eat), lattes and pita chips (how I get through my work days).

Ok…off to Gabba live and then the Peelander Z SXSW show.  Gotta love living in Austin.  Two kids music events in one day.

7 thoughts on “Treddie and meals…”

  1. Yay for the new treadmill! I am the same as you- I find the pace harder on the treadmill. But I’d still love to have one someday! And thanks for linking up! I need to get salmon again… maybe next week.

    1. Laura…if there is anyway you can get one, I think it’s the way to go for a mom who does not want to miss workouts. True, I just got it and haven’t had long term experience, but it’s about the only way to almost guarantee you will get a run. It’s scary to think our kids are almost old enough we will no longer be using strollers!

      As for the salmon, we get it at Costco and grill it on a cedar plank. It’s the farm raised kind, so not as good as wild salmon, but very inexpensive and creates two nights of food.

  2. I love my TM!! I agree about the pace on a treadmill and wonder why that is. I just came up with an interval run on the treadmill that is hilly. We’ll see how it goes this week.

  3. Congrats, this is awesome! I will dream of TM runs in a couple of weeks when I start hating living in Texas (as I do for about 9 months out of the year), and when I need to train for some serious mountain shit and all I got is a 5% 0.4M hill nearby. I might come over one dark-o’early:)

    1. I like how you don’t think 5% is a hill and that’s what my hill workout consisted of this morning! You are welcome to come over and use it!

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