The dreaded off season…

Jasper loves to play with gumballs but not eat them.

The 50K I did a couple weeks ago was the last big push until the fall.   There just simply isn’t much going on race wise in Texas over the spring/ summer.     Maybe it’s good we have an off season, because I love racing.  If we had stuff year round, I would sign up year round.   I know there’s the whole argument for just going and running for the sake of running, but I just love the process of all the training for that big event off in the future.   I love pushing through 20 milers on the weekends.   I guess I must love being tired all the time or something.  Now in full disclosure, I have a couple shorter things in the upcoming months.  A 10K in a couple weeks, and I’ll probably manage a half marathon this summer as part of our vacation.  Here’s how I cope with a long off season though:

-I schedule something for the fall every year.  It motivates me all spring/ summer long.  The last few years I’ve done a small, local marathon in October and that seems to do the trick.  I also try and keep up interesting runs.  Long, pretty runs through Brushy Creek, maybe an occasional trail run.

-I force a long run every 3-4 weeks of at about 16 miles.  For me this is long enough to make those 20 plus milers not seem so impossible when the time comes do to them.

-I look for other challenges.   I don’t have a lot of time to try tackling anything very big, but this spring and summer, I want to improve my hillwork on the treadmill, start taking spin classes here and there, and continue to work on my yoga.

I admit though, I’m a bit of a hopeless case.  I love it when fall rolls around and racing season starts, but that is a long way off.   At least I’ll be saving on those entry fees for the next few months!

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