Treadmill parmesan…

Perhaps the best picture I have...
Perhaps the best picture I have…

It was a good weekend (well, aren’t all weekends good?).  I felt like I did a lot on my list and didn’t feel like I was running around too terribly…just a little bit.  Saturday  I enjoyed a gorgeous 15 mile run.  Everything was looking green and it was one of those mornings I was so thankful we have so many great places to run in Austin.   Sunday was a contrast.  Jasy got up at 500, so I offered him a run in the stroller to let Mike sleep for awhile longer.  It was in the 40s with a brutal headwind.  Jasp was toasty with his sleeping bag, blanket, Baby owl lovie, and Angry Birds on my phone (all under a weather shield).  I was super cold and wishing for spring the whole time.  But these are the runs that leave me empowered….the really tough ones.

Treadmilling update:  LOVE IT!!!   Looks like I will average a couple runs a week on it.   With this (hopefully) last cold snap, I intend to stick to the treadmill until it warms back up.  Why run in the cold if I don’t have to?  Every runner should have one of these.  I know they get a bad rap for being boring, but in the age of Netflix there is endless entertainment to be had on a run.   I am really trying to mix up paces and hills on it, but both of them are so hard.  There is no cheating on a treadmill.  Once you up the pace, you are committed.   I spent the morning rewatching “Exit Through the Gift Shop” after being inspired by some cool new street art I saw this weekend.    I’ll finish it on tomorrow’s treadmill run, which is such a win-win.  Like I said, I love this thing!

And in the vegan cooking world, tonight I made Eggplant Parmesan from the Vegenomicon.  100% vegan.

Please forgive the horrible photo quality, but doesn’t it look yummy?

It turned out sooooo good.  I loved the almond/ sesame topping that mimics the taste of parmesan.   It really tasted like super rich, creamy, eggplant parmesan.  So exciting when a vegan recipe works!  But, I will say this about the Vegenomicon.  Best vegan cookbook I’ve used so far, but the recipes take for freaking ever.  These are not quick and easy.  Not always the best thing when evenings are so busy during the week.  It was enough work that the rest of week’s meal planning will be be my lame-o weekday standards:   stirfrys, grilled chicken, and at least one night of takeout.  But at least for another night I have super yummy eggplant to eat.

Ok, bed calls, got a treadmill/ movie date at 5am.



3 thoughts on “Treadmill parmesan…”

  1. I missed it! What treadmill did you get? Agreed..why run in brutal cold and windy if you don’t have to. 12 miles yesterday on the treadmill because we were snowed in 🙂

    Vegenomicon is one of the first vegan cookbooks I bought and is often used when, like you mentioned, I have time.

    1. I got the Precor 9.23, which is their entry level. I really love it! And, in reference to weather, we don’t really get that cold, it’s just when I was wearing shorts and a tank two days ago, I refuse to break the tights back out! But we have nothing like being snowed in!

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