The stroller strikes again…

I hope to see some of this flower this summer...
I hope to see some of this flower this summer…

Jasper is on a kick for the last couple weeks of waking up at 5am.  I strive to get up and get my run done before he wakes up but I am not going to get up at 330 to try and beat his 5am wake up.  So I’ve been running on the treadmill, trying to get him used to the idea of entertaining himself while I run.  He’s been pretty good.  I think if I was able to get up before him and start a run,  then once he’s up set him up with snacks and entertainment, and finish off a few more miles, I could squeak out 10-12 miles on it.  I’ve been pulling off 6-7 miles which is pretty good.  Today since he was up, I kinda wanted to get outside, so we did the stroller.  I admit initially I was a little irritated he was up, because I kinda wanted to do a run on my own.  But once we got going he was really good, the stroller makes the run harder (a plus if you are training for something), and as I often do, I remind myself the day will come where I will miss the fact he was once so little he would go running in the stroller with me.  The weather is warming up, and there was a beautiful full moon.  Not a bad deal.  I guess my point to all this rambling, is even though Jasp is getting older and older, as far as running goes, it’s still all about get it in however I can!   I admit an awesome stroller and treadmill help quite a bit. 🙂

Mike and I have decided to do a few days this summer in Colorado.  Colorado has sorta become our vacation destination.  It’s a short, direct flight, and off season rates in the ski areas make it a pretty reasonable place to stay.  Plus, the weather is wonderful in the summer, it is the best place to run in the summer (no humidity!), it’s a beer lover’s paradise, and they have lots of disc golf courses for Mike.  We have a deal when we travel I can do a marathon or less on a family vacation  (no ultras allowed!).  So I found a half marathon.  The half marathon distance isn’t a huge challenge for me, but how about a mountain half over 9000 ft?   That’s a different story.  So, yes, hills on the treadmill, and hills on the roads it will be until mid summer.  I love it though.  My favorite courses are hard ones.  See, Jasper is doing me a favor giving me an extra 35 + pounds to push in the morning!

2 thoughts on “The stroller strikes again…”

  1. Wow, I don’t know how you run with those 5 am wake up calls. I usually run at 5ish but love the mornings to myself! But, I know we have to enjoy the time with our little ones, even if it early. Love your Colorado vacation. We drove there every summer for vacation as kids and it is still one of my favorite places to visit!

    1. Yes, the 5am wake ups drive me nuts, but I just tell myself at least I am making it out to run. I just long for the day that sleep becomes consistent!

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