Chick heads taste good, and new shorts…

Just finished decapitating the head off a chick cupcake...
Just finished decapitating the head off a chick cupcake…

Hooray for half days.  I worked a half day today, but Jasper had a full day of daycare.  I was able to get my groceries done (major weekend time suck for most of us, right?), and I had an REI dividend burning a hole in my pocket.  Somehow my pea-brain doesn’t consider it real money, so I totally splurged and got a pair of biking shorts for spinning.  I’ve been riding my bike about once a week, and my bike shorts are about 10 years old.  No kidding.  They are super unflattering, and were cheap back when I bought them.  The new ones….OMG….they are incredible.  Much more flattering (if such a thing could be said about bike shorts), and sooo cushy.  It’s amazing how getting a new piece of gear is so motivating.  I cannot wait until Jasper is bike riding so I can get out on the mountain bike trails again.   I’m too chicken too go ride in the dark in the morning, so for now trainer it is….

This week was a two steps forward, two steps back week.  The fact I had a work out buddy every morning at 5am made me kinda nuts.  Yes, I’m happy I got my running and biking done, but I LONG for the day that getting up at 430 actually gives me a couple hours of me time to workout.  I am pretty motivated and willing to get up early, but no matter how early I get up, Jasper seems to follow.  I have until about 630, when I need to start getting ready for work,  and if he actually slept, I could do A LOT in the that time.  Meh.

On the plus side, we started using an app called Choiceworks for kids who communicate better with pictures.  The ease for us to do day to day things like getting dressed, brushing teeth, etc, was tenfold with this app.  I’ll spare details, but contact me if you are interested and if you think your kid may need something like this.    I am pretty blown away by how much it changed things, and I think this could make my life much easier.

I’ve got a great weekend coming up with a 16 miler tomorrow and 8-9 hill run on Sunday. I’m getting a massage, and we’re grilling out tonight.  I love spring!

Ok…off to get the chick cupcake killer and his new Easter basket…

4 thoughts on “Chick heads taste good, and new shorts…”

  1. I’m so looking forward to spring weather! I told my husband last night we’re going grill shopping this weekend 🙂 today I have an 8 miler and tomorrow an 18. Nice weather please!!!

  2. My REI dividend is just waiting for me to spend it too, most years I know exactly what I am buying but this year I am clueless. Happy Easter and have a great weekend.

    1. Well, it’s pretty easy to walk into Rei and find something. I alway think I’m going to get a lot more than I do , it’s pretty easy for a dividend to go fast there!

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