Does your running partner watch Yo Gabba Gabba? Mine does…

Loves to run...
Loves to run…

My little running partner continues to join me on most of my runs.   He insisted on coming on a hill run on Sunday.   Hills with a stroller are off the chart hard, and somewhat embarrassing.  I’m sure every car driving by wondered what in the hell I was doing trying to run up massive hills.   Yesterday I ran on the treadmill, so my little partner mostly watched with a couple very short breaks for me to get something for him.  Today my little partner was up before 500 requesting a run.   And, yes, in complete irony the minute I get a treadmill thinking my stroller days are numbered, my little running partner decides nothing beats going running in the morning, and is devastated if we don’t go.  Oh well…I still am happy I have a treadmill. 

I admit there was a time I hated see running strollers in races.  I thought “why would anyone want to run with all that?”  “Why not just get a baby sitter?”  Yes, famous last words.  I am well aware to all the “real” runners in Austin running with a stroller is terribly uncool, and removes you from the “serious runner” catagory.   But I feel incredibly resourceful when I take it out on a run, and I think I was kicked out of the serious runner club over a decade ago.     It’s a great feeling to run back up to the house at 615, check the box for 6+ miles for the day, and have a happy kid.  

Oh  and I have a race this weekend!  10K…not my preferred distance, but racing = happy mommy.

1 thought on “Does your running partner watch Yo Gabba Gabba? Mine does…”

  1. Personally, I think the jogging stroller moms are the hard core ones. 🙂 Best of luck at the 10k!

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