This ain’t old lady yoga…

This is how we do yoga at my house, pajamas and bad hair.
This is how we do yoga at my house, pajamas, bad hair, and the little yogi.

I go to yoga at the Y.  It’s a mixed crowd and the class I go to is all levels.   There are athletic folks, but mostly regular folks, and some folks just starting on the road to better health through exercise.  The class focuses a lot of alignment and posture, which I figure is probably a good thing, even if I  don’t always leave it exhausted.

Austin’s trendiest yoga studio, Black Swan Yoga, just opened a location about 2 minutes from my front door.  I decided to check it out.  I choose their hot yoga class.  I’ve only done real hot yoga one other time, and I loved it, but it was just too expensive.  Black Swan is very reasonable, so that was no issue.  Ever hit a point in your life where you think, “I thought I fit in, but now I so painfully realize I do not.”  Yeah, that was my yoga class.  I was older than everyone there by at least 15 years.  Even in my smallest yoga clothes I had way more on than anyone else.  The Black Swan crowd is the type of crowd that doesn’t cringe when the situation calls for less clothing, and has no issues with running errands after class while still in hot pants.    I’m one of those people who would never consider running in just a sports bra, and avoid public situations where swimsuits are required.    The Black Swan crowd also lacked any kind of abdominal fat.  I was the only one who had to work on the whole tucking in my belly thing, the poses have got to easier when you have no gut.    To be fair, the class wasn’t too hard, since the teacher did offer different points to take each pose to.  Everyone except me, and the slightly awkward looking girl next to me could take every pose to the edge.  I felt like screaming “I see your forehead on your shin, but I ran 7 miles this morning at 5am while pushing 40 + pounds…aren’t you impressed by that at all?”  Probably not.

So yeah, I felt embarrassingly out of place.  But I loved it.  I really like hot yoga and I like to sweat.  I hate being cold, so this plays right into that, and I’m still sore two days later since the heat allows for such deep stetching.  And the teacher must have noticed I belonged in the old lady class because she did make a point to ask me how I enjoyed the class, would I be back, etc.

I will definitely give it another  go, hot pants wearing 20 year olds be damned.    Just don’t expect me to run out and buy a new wardrobe.  I’ll stick with my capris for now….


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