Beer Saturday…

That's a lot of beer.
That’s a lot of beer.  And despite how it looks I am wearing shorts and not just underwear.

I cannot blog on Sunday night anymore because of Game of Thrones.  It’s pretty much sacred time around our house and nothing happens once we start the show except shoveling popcorn in our faces.  So Saturday night it is!

I messed up my running schedule a bit this weekend and still haven’t done a long run.   I ran with the stroller a lot this week, and did a treadmill run while watching a documentary about mountain biking.  This morning Jasp and I did 8(!!!!) miles as a stroller run.  It’s just so funny that the minute I got a treadmill he became such a stroller angel, and asks to go constantly.  I’m embracing it though….times like these are numbered and it’s worth it.

We went to the Real Ale anniversary party today.  It’s a brewery about 45 minutes outside of town in the hill country, and every year they have a very nice all day party with tours, lots of free food and beer, music and it’s all in a beautiful setting.  We went when Jasp was about 5 months old, and it didn’t seem to crowded.  Well word has gotten out!   We had fun, but I am not sure if I would do this again unless they cap how many people can go.  Oh well, one can never really complain about a hill country drive in the Texas springtime.  Pure beauty.  Tomorrow I am taking Jasp to the circus.  No elephants or tigers at this one though….I can’t do those.  This one is more acrobats and clowns.  It’s in a tent and I get to sit, so they could do just about anything and I’ll enjoy it.

And meal planning…what a joke for me.  I probably shouldn’t do the link up unless I really am planning.  I have a very loose plan, does that count?  Our usual grilled salmon will happen at some point this week, and that’s two meals.   I’ve got all the stuff to make black bean/ sweet potato enchiladas, I hope that means I get around to making them (another two meal dish), and I’ve got some smokey maple tempeh to add some tofu scramble too and do a vegan breakfast for dinner one night.  I am just happy I have a husband who loves leftovers and a child who doesn’t eat any cooked foods, so I don’t have to even worry about trying to make things he will eat.

Bed is calling.  That and Catching Fire.  The movie comes out in November.  I am not joking that it may take me that long to finish it.   New seasons of Game of Thrones and Mad Men aren’t really conducive to reading.


8 thoughts on “Beer Saturday…”

  1. I love that you link up- your planning definitely counts. Yes, husbands who eat leftovers are awesome, I’m with you there. 🙂 Enjoy your Sunday night show and popcorn!!

    1. If you have this one come to your area, I recommend it. It was called the Zoppe family circus and there were no exotic animals. It was a ton of fun, but kinda $$.

  2. Stumbled upon your blog a few days ago while searching for a different blog and started reading it. Saw photos and realized I know you! We hung out in college at UT for awhile. You helped me pass chemistry and I will be forever grateful! Looks like you have gone on to conquer the running world and, to my utter surprise, become a mommy. No, a Supermommy! I remember how we used to detest babies and swear we would never have them. Oh, silly us! Your son is beyond adorable and it looks like you have embraced motherhood wholeheartedly. I don’t know where you get your energy but I wish I had it. So happy to have discovered your blog. Will definitely follow!

    1. Hi Heather! Wow, small world running into you again! You will have to let me know what you are up to? Are you still in Austin? Working as a nurse? Can’t wait to catch up!

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