Work with what you got…

Someone got to go to a baseball game.
Someone got to go to a baseball game.

A typical day for me starts about 430-5am with a little tiny voice going “Mommy?”  “Mom-eeeeeee”  “Go run.”  Yes, my dilemma.   Leave at 5am and get a good run and maybe even some hills, but feel guilty about Jasper’s tears and Mike’s subsequent wake up, or take him with me, don’t do any hills, and run with the stroller a little slower than planned.  That’s the option I’ve been picking.   I feel Mike’s sleep and Jasper’s happiness are a small price to pay for a slightly lesser workout.  My evenings go like this:  during dinner and clean up the mental list of what I would like to do gets made.  A short spin, yoga, easy stretching, reading, tv, baking, cleaning….but after taking from 730 until past 9pm to get the little Owl asleep, I crash out by 930, and do nothing.  How does one plan on running a “fast for me” fall marathon on this training schedule?  My child free time is about 30 minutes.  I know those of you with multiple kids are probably muttering f-bombs at me right now saying 30 minutes is more than you get in a week, so quit complaining, but it’s all about perspective.  Right now, my perspective is “You work with what you got”, so that’s what I’m going to do.

I’m learning to push the stroller runs a little harder.  I’ve managed 2 core work sessions this week, since they are only 15 minutes long (but 15 minutes of pain).  One night a week, I get the night off for yoga.   Fall is a long ways off, but I want to put down the foundation for some successful running.    One thing this week did for me was make me realize that being a marathoner is part of my identity, and like a lot of runners this week, the desire to be out there hitting the road was stronger than ever.  I will say though, that the stroller runs were especially satisfying this week.  I can’t think of a better way to mull things over than while working up a sweat, and having my little running partner with me. A definite sense of completeness.

On that note, the week’s meal planning.  Will I ever get better at this?  Maybe it’s just not my thing.  A very loose plan:

Stirfry with leftover Yumm sauce.  Have you had this stuff yet?  It goes good on everything.  I could actually just eat it plain.

Grilled salmon

Tempeh with orzo

Grilled chicken

At least one night of “heathly” take out :  vietnamese or Chipotle.

Yes, we are pitiful.  At least we don’t eat out every meal, or just eat cereal…although sometimes I am tempted.

Ok…gotta sneak in the core DVD before the little one wakes up.

Oh yeah, last minute addition:  Got new running shoes this weekend.  My favorite kind of shopping.  Life is good.  🙂


10 thoughts on “Work with what you got…”

    1. Yes, I never can make it through the week without at least a couple eating out nights. Luckily in Austin we have a lot of good, quick places to get food. I am so impressed by people who cook every single night.

  1. This mommy of multiple kiddos promises not to drop any F-bombs at you IF you do the Midnight Moontower Run. If I can make it and still survive the weekend with two Crazy Kalahurka Kiddos, you can too!

    1. Jasper gets up 2-3 times a night crying for me (but does go back to sleep). It’s a little tricky for me not to be home. Can’t they just make it a little bit earlier? 🙂

  2. What I want to know is how you get your son to eat all that healthy food. How did you avoid getting sucked into serving the standard kidfare of chicken nuggets, goldfish crackers and Danimals just so the kids will have SOMETHING in their tummies other than Flintstone vitamins?

    1. Ha! Jasper eats none of it. He has eating problems and sees a speech therapist for it. His diet is extremly limited. But, it does make meal planning easy, because he eats no cooked foods, so I basically don’t have to worry about making something he would like.

  3. I got the Brooks Ghost, but haven’t run in them yet. I left you a comment on your blog about shoes. Shoes you love are critical for 50 milers!

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