Marathon fever and the dragon…

Doesn't that look fun?
Marathon fever.  Doesn’t that look fun?  I can’t wait for my next one….

I wrote most of a post yesterday, reread it and realized it was almost identical to the post before it.  I guess getting a little free time and marathons must be on my mind.  I also realize if I posted it, it would have made me the most boring blogger ever.   So I’ll get the running talk over with first.  I had a great 16 mile run today.  It wasn’t super fast, but it was steady, and I ran the last couple miles a little quicker than the early ones.   It dawned on me I did horrible marathon training last year.  Lots of long, slow runs.  So I’m good at long, slow runs and not much else.   I need to work on faster runs and gradually make them longer.   These 13-16 milers I’ve been doing rock.  I love not feeling trashed all day, and I am starting to push them harder.  Maybe, just maybe I may see some improvement yet.

Today Jaspy and I met a mom friend and her little boy at the Dragon Boat races.  Jasper is a bit of a crap shoot at events like this.  This one was a bit of a fail.  Child with bounce house OCD + bounce house with a line and time limit = tears and rolling on the ground, and a 1 mile walk back to the car carrying a sobbing 32 pound child, and large bag with blankets and snacks.  The dragon dance was neat, and held the boys’ attention, but apparently bounce house hysterics on the ground trump little boys in karate uniforms doing choreographed routines to “Kung Fu Fighting”.

In his Dragon Boat shirt, I mean dress.
In his Dragon Boat shirt, I mean dress.
Nice little dragon...
Nice little dragon…

Then after no nap, we went to a swimming birthday party (already did one stint of swimming at morning swim lessons), so he who didn’t go to bed until 1000 last night fell asleep by 730 tonight.  Heaven I tell you.  Just me and the border collie right now.   Bliss.


6 thoughts on “Marathon fever and the dragon…”

  1. Jasper is so freaking cute! Bouncy houses and I are on very bad terms right now. Turned my back for 2 seconds at the kids’ Spring Fling event at preschool and Aaron was gone. I was running around in a full-blown panic screaming his name (and causing quite a scene, I tell you) for about 3 minutes. Apparently, a mama’s mind can come up with some pretty horrendous scenarios in 3 minutes. You can guess where he was. Yes, he had line jumped about 20 kids, ignored the ticket guy and thrown himself into the bouncy house. He was having a blast. My husband had to go in after him because when he saw us he went to the far corner and tried to cling to the netting. The fit he threw upon extraction was EPIC. So yeah, I pretty much despise bouncy houses. On a completely different note, I was wondering if you could recommend a good yoga dvd for beginners, as in never set foot in a yoga studio in my life. I still want it to be a decent workout, though. Any ideas? Have a great Sunday and stay away from evil inflatables!

    1. How old is Aaron? We should get together for a playdate sometime!

      As for yoga DVDs, I honestly think it’s really hard to get much out of a DVD until you’ve had a little instructions. There are plenty of beginner classes. But I understand time and money can make it difficult. You might try Black Swan online classes. I’ve never done one, but I liked their studio class, and they do have a beginner’s series. Keep me posted!

      1. Aaron turned 4 in February and he is my challenging, super high-maintenance Mama’s boy. His sister, 2, is the most laid back kid ever. We live in San Antonio now but plan to come to Austin a few times over the summer. I would love to have a play date! Thanks for the yoga advice. I guess I will have to drag my butt to a studio but I just KNOW I’m going to humiliate myself!!!

  2. I’m so glad you got an early night to yourself- those are the best! I’m starting to get marathon fever, too. I’m feeling burnt out from 5k training (thankfully the race is Saturday) so after a little break, I’ll be ready to get back to longer runs again.

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