I hate it when life says “slow down!” in not so nice ways…

I was up all night with what I am assuming is food poisoning.  I can’t rehash the details because just thinking about it, makes me queasy and I am desperately trying to keep down some Nuun (you know you’re a runner when you sick day drink of choice is Nuun).  Anyhow, life does sometimes throw you these little “slow down” reminders.  Although I would have preferred a gentler presentation than what I’ve been given this week.  Jasper had two appts today I had to cancel, there’s  a 3rd appt this afternoon dependent on the Nuun staying down, my other Wednesday chores aren’t going to happen, and obviously my planned 8 mile hill run did not happen.  I made down the hallway, and realized there was no way in hell I could even walk around the block, let alone run.  I surrendered.  Sick day it is.  Jasper is getting a lot of tv watching today.  You also know you’re sick, when as an obsessive runner you don’t care that you are missing a run, you feel that crappy.  That’s where I am.

Well, I’m going back to being horizontal on the bed.  Hopefully I will work my way to a smoothie by this evening.  Until then, I’m trying to revel in the bad tv, ignore the dirty house, and enjoy being in bed.  If all goes well, tomorrow will be back to full steam ahead.

Stay down, Nuun!

2 thoughts on “I hate it when life says “slow down!” in not so nice ways…”

  1. I hope you at least got to watch grown up tv. My mind is numb from four years of only Nick Jr., Disney Jr. and PBS. At this point, I think I would even be willing to watch the Kardashians because that’s just how sick of Dora I am. Hope you feel better!

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