Hills and mint chip…

Mike climbing up a trail in the Rocky Mts, our fave vacation spot.
Mike climbing up a trail in the Rocky Mts, our fave vacation spot.

Somehow I keep forgetting I signed up for a half marathon when we go on vacation in Colorado in a little less than 8 weeks.  There was pretty limited information about the race on the website, as it looks very low key.  A few things did leap out at me though, “challenging”, and “all above 9000 feet”.  I figured I better get my hill running on for this one.

I live in a great area for running, but it’s very flat.  This is nice since I do about 50% of my runs with the stroller.  I live near a highway that must run along some kind of fault line, because my side of the highway= pancake flat, the other side= some of the biggest hills in Austin.  Lucky for me there is a pedestrian crosswalk less than a mile from my house.  I’ve been venturing over the highway a couple times a week now trying desperately to morph into a mountain runner.   This neighborhood is not only hillier, but it also must be a different tax bracket, because it’s full of beautiful homes and views.  There are wonderful views of the Balcones canyons, where I wonder if I am even in Austin anymore.  And yes, there are absolutely lung busting hills.

I did do a marathon in Colorado once that was up to 8000 feet and learned that my heat and humidity I run in was a great equalizer when it came to altitude.  Don’t get me wrong it was still quite challenging, but it was by far the most beautiful course I have ever been on, and I loved every minute.  I like challenging races, but I don’t like to feel under prepared, so hopefully my jaunts across the highway will do some good.

Another reason to do hills:  while we have made huge strides in healthy-ing up our eating, and have really changed our habits, there are occasional treats.  Last night we had a BLAST going to Baskin Robbins with Jasp.  It’s crazy to think how long that place has been around.    We agreed it will definitely be a regular evening outing this summer.  And, I also just discovered that one my favorite running stores is not too far from us, and next door to a fro-yo place.  On Sunday, Jasper and I did the splash pad, got yogurt, and then I got GU and Balega socks.   That’s what I call a good outing 🙂

What’s your favorite old school Baskin Robbins flavor?  I’m always partial to mint chip.  I also like cookies and cream.



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