Mommy’s iPad…

Happy Mother’s Day! I can’t really say I had a relaxing weekend, but I don’t think that is possible until Jasper is old enough to not want anything to do with me. It was a good weekend though. First off, I got an iPad! I am blogging from it right now. Mike has and iPad and Jasper has an iPad, but I’ve never had one. Before you judge too harshly for having 3 iPads in our household, please remember that I have a husband who has worked for Apple for over 12 years. Jasper’s iPad was a first generation one that was a freebie. Now I have an iPad too, which I heavily stressed, this is mommy’s iPad! Jasper has his own iPad! Jasper’s iPad is also coated in various sticky substances and while it’s ability to still functions under multiple layers of yogurt, apple sauce and chocolate milk is a testament to a durable product, I hope to spare my iPad a similar fate.

Otherwise it was a packed weekend. I did a fantastic run just shy of 15 miles run Saturday with the first half with him in the stroller and the second half on my hill route. I did a 7 miler with friends this morning and said “this isn’t good bye but see you later” to my friend Stephanie who is moving, but more on that later this week. My brother was in town this weekend for a wedding so we got to see him some and we had a birthday party today for Jasper’s best little friend from daycare. No time for the meal planning link up this week, because I’ve planned zero meals, and am wondering what in the heck I will put together to feed us all week, but I do have a shiny new iPad. :). Yay for new shiny things.


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