Insert Toto reference here…

Last post I mentioned my friend Stephanie moving. Stephanie is my original running partner. Before I met her, I only ran alone and had never had a regular running buddy. Our friendship goes back many years, but unfortunately we struggled to hang out as much after having kids. Stephanie is super woman and maintains a very demanding career, with two kids, and manages to run marathons. Yes, I am not worthy. Anyhow, I know we would have liked to hang out more in the last couple years, but life is just so demanding when your kids are young. One of the highlights of the last couple years was last year’s Tulsa Route 66 marathon trip. One thing this trip did was highlight for us how much these travels marathons mean to us. It’s not so much about the race but the memories made with friends.

It didn’t take long for a couple of us in my little running circle to start planning to visit Stephanie for her new home town marathon, Kansas City! The race is in October which is just perfect since I like to do a race then anyways. Plus the chance to race in another state, and visit a friend……a no brainer. So if all goes as planned, we will be having a nice little reunion at the race this fall…and I am excited!

I checked out the race website and how cool is it that they have a full training plan with daily runs starting up in June? I was impressed, and excited to start up the training. June is just around the corner. 🙂

So while I was sad to see Stephanie move, I am happy we may be starting a tradition. I know some of you thinking about going read this, so who’s in?


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