Making it work…

Ahh, Sunday night, the weekend always goes so fast. Jasp and I are flying solo right now and had quite a full day. Groceries, bounce house, splash pad, sandbox and this is all after a morning run. That’s how we roll, FULL DAYS!

Yesterday was a fantastic run. I did 6 miles with Jasp, then we met Mike and Pancake and all did 3 miles. Then I dropped the whole crew off at home and did 7 more on my own of hills hitting paces I was quite pleased with to finish out a 16 mile morning. I love a guilt free run!

This is the first time that Mike has been out of town since Jasper was born that I feel pretty confident my runs will happen. It’s warm out, so stroller runs are no issue and I have the treadmill. Seriously, why didn’t I get one sooner? They really are a runner’s best friend. I’ve been really good lately about doing my 15-20 minute yoga DVDs a few times a week. Gasp! Could I finally be putting it all together? I know there’s that whole “workout while your kid sleeps” thing, but when your kid sleeps only from 9pm to 5 am, it’s tricky, but I am finally making it work!

No meal planning this week. When Mike is out of town I find it so challenging to get real meals. I end up just making lots of veggies with peanut butter toast, or egg whites, or cereal. Healthy, but a little pitiful, but it’s the best I can do. I never tire of any of these foods though. I could seriously live off peanut butter toast.

We stopped by Baskins Robbins today after the sandbox. Jasp got their birthday cake flavor. OMG!! Seriously good. Boy knows what’s up when it comes to ice cream. Wish I could say the same about him and naps.

Ok…got some dishes to do and a little boy whose been up for 13 hours straight and who’s covered in sand to bathe. Onward!

2 thoughts on “Making it work…”

  1. Wow, awesome job on the runs! I’m amazed at all the balancing you do with just 9pm-5am when he is asleep… you are one inspiring mama!

    1. Seriously, it’s only because Jasper is pretty good about running in the stroller. If he wasn’t, I couldn’t get all my runs in.

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