A small miracle happened last night. Jasper slept through the night. He is 3 and 3 months. He has slept through the night about two other times since he was born. I’ve drank a lot of coffee in the last 3 years, and there were times it was really rough. I don’t know if last night was a hint of things to come or a fluke, but either way I will take it. I got up early and did a lovely run on the treadmill sans audience, unless you count Pancake. Bliss.

I realized this week that single parenting is much easier in the summer. It’s much easier to get home from work and still have it be light, and send Jasper to the backyard to play while I make dinner. It’s much easier to drag him on a dog walk when it’s not 40 degrees out. It’s nice that when he does get up at 430 in the morning, I can put him in the stroller to run with no worries that he’ll be too cold, and know that it will be getting a little bit light at the end of the run. It’s actually no big deal at all to do many things all because it is warm out. See, summer in Texas is not all bad.

Ok, time to fuel up and tackle the day. Even though drinking coffee on the couch with my iPad is a little bit of heaven, after a full night’s sleep!!!

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