Foodie Friday…

Clearly I am not a food stylist. I think most runners at at least a little interested in nutrition. Here’s a little update on my nutrition/ eats:

A few months ago Mike and I did a huge diet revamp to cut cholesterol. We do a lot of vegan cooking, a lot of grilled fish, sushi, and grilled chicken breasts. We do occasionally do veggie pizza and enjoy the cheese, and I eat gobs of nonfat Greek yogurt, so we are not dairy free or anything Iike that. We just don’t keep cheese around to snack on and omit it from most recipes. We quit half and half in coffee and do non-dairy or coconut creamer, and we limit eggs to one time a week. For treats, we do gobs of popcorn with nutritional yeast, vegan cookies, and an occasional vegan cheesecake pie. I do a little bit of ice cream or a cupcake with Jaspy about once a week. The changes worked. Mike cut his cholesterol in half and lost weight. Of course I didn’t lose weight but I became much more mindful of what I was eating, which I’d been trying to do for a long time. I cut my portions and if I am still hungry after dinner, I do popcorn or a banana.

I eat a lot more salads, and I don’t limit my carbs per se, but I really watch them and don’t keep white bread around ( I love good French bread!). I don’t ever not do any foods, just limit treat type foods to special occasions only. Like I said, I didn’t lose weight, but I feel like I finally set the foundation for good habits. I’ve always battled weekend binges on big eating out meals, and I feel like I’ve mostly kicked that habit. The cholesterol lowering and turning 40 were huge motivators. I really want to avoid the whole gaining 5 pounds a year thing. What really worked for me to change my habits was lots of substitutions. I love snacking at night and popcorn is a much better choice than nightly Ben and Jerry’s. I still love my coffee, but love coconut creamer in it now. I guess the point behind this post is that if I can do it anyone can. I really lived by the “I run, I can eat whatever I want” motto for a long time. And while no one is going to mistake me for a lean, pro athlete anytime soon, it feels good to have a little more control.

I do have vegan peanut butter cheesecake pie the fridge right now though…I never said I was perfect. 🙂


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