The week in review…

Pancake managing to take up an entire king sized bed

Jasper and I are coming to the end of 7 days of just us. It was a mixed bag: he was pretty good, but didn’t take a single nap on my dime. We covered exactly 50 miles, 100% together. Today we did 13 miles together, 8 in the stroller and 5 on the treadmill. I pretty proud of my 50 mile week with a 3 year old in tow for each and every mile. We did the bounce house twice, the splash pad twice, and I worked my usual four days. Work totally blew this week, so a little down time would have been nice, but I knew that wasn’t going to happen. I ate a bazillion salads and lots of peanut butter. Jasper was super good on an emergency trip to buy new sunglasses when I left mine at the park and when I went back they were gone. They were Oakleys and I loved them. I splurged and replaced them with an exact duplicate. Today I had a massage scheduled and he went with me and was super, super good. I needed the massage…it hurt like h-e- double hockey sticks, but that’s how I can keep up doing mostly stroller runs. They totally tighten up your upper body. I watched tons of Big Love on HBO to go every night and I did yoga core most nights after Jasp went to bed. In other words, I think I managed pretty well.

My house didn’t get much attention and Pancake didn’t get as many walks as I would have liked. But something has always gotta give.

The treadmill, peanut butter, and the iPad were all my saving graces. Now if you’ll excuse me, a glass of wine and Chipolte await.

Coming up: hot yoga and a hill run without a stroller!!!!!


5 thoughts on “The week in review…”

  1. Ha, nice mileage. You did 45 more miles than me, sucks about your sunglasses, glad you got new ones, we were at the bounce house last weekend, and did you know the outdoor pool at the Y is open again. No HBO here, but me and the boys have been enjoying a Dr Who marathon. Geek out!!!

    1. The mileage is all about the treadmill. You should get one! And would you believe the pool at the Y is still too cold for me?

      Hope to see you this weekend. It’s been too long.

  2. I work VERY prn in the PACU of a small hospital. I spent many years working in the ICU in bigger hospitals before the kids came along. I found it really stressful and I always dreaded going to work. Now, I take care of one patient at a time, mostly post-op appys or gallbladders. It is SO easy! With two young kids at home, I have all the stress I need right there. Especially now that summer is here and preschool is out. The noise level in my house is deafening!

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