My little climber…

I felt so relieved to make it to yoga last night. I hadn’t made it a class in over a week, and I find my body just craves it. Of course I am super sore today, part of that may be from tripping over a log (long story) and going down hard. Falls are just not easy as the body ages. Yikes.

I’ve been starting to get excited about going to Colorado next month! Memorial Day weekend was a bit of a bust with having to work, so I am really, really looking forward to vacation. I also keep wondering if I am running enough hills since I will be racing at 9500 feet…..that will be a new record for me. And speaking of racing, next week is the kick off of fall marathon training!!! I am so excited after a pretty long break. I’m glad it’s summer, I’m looking forward to all the things summer brings: vacation, lots of swimming, grilling out, and frozen treats.

That’s all I’ve got. I’ll post more later on my marathon training plan. Up next: more adventures in vegan pie making and running hills, hills and hills!

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