And so it begins…

Modeling a new summer outfit

Yesterday was our first official ” hours spent at the pool day”. Last summer swimming ruled. I spent the summer finding every public pool nearby and making frequent use of them. Even though it was only a few dollars each time, Jasper’s water obsession tallied up to be quite a bit with pool visits 3 times a week. At the very end of the summer we joined the Y to have pool access mainly.

Yesterday we met Jasper’s best little friend at a neighborhood pool and the boys went wild. There were about 600 trips down the water slide. Jasper’s time in the pool yesterday totaled 3 hours. That makes for a tired boy and tired mom. I had run a sweaty 15 miles that morning, went to an outdoor birthday party, then did the mammoth swim session. Come evening I was downing Nuun by the gallon to replenish all the sweat, and realizing that a beer was a huge mistake as the heat induced headache started up.

But it’s all in the name of fun. Last summer I loved having a summer activity that never got old. I own more swimsuits than I used to and we go thorough a lot of sunscreen, but it’s well worth it. Swimming so much makes the Texas summer a blessing. A little boy’s happiness is worth the price of chlorine fried hair.

Bring on marathon training starting this week. Sweaty 20 milers followed by days at the pool. I can’t wait!


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