The plan…

So I am kicking off fall marathon training this weekend. Heck yes!!! It’s been too long without a big event to train for. Confession: I love marathon training, and wish I could be a marathon a month person, but we just don’t have that many races here.

I usually pick some sort of online plan for at least my long runs. Knowing ahead of time 20 is on the books is much better than waking up and thinking “Hmmm, I really should get in a 20 miler.” I’m also a lazy runner. I like to run long and slow, so I am good at running long and slow. I sorta gravitate away from any kind of speed work. I have owed Advanced Marathoning for a few years now, and I really wanted to use it for this race, but the reality of 15 mile runs before work isn’t going to happen. I’ve done it before but it means getting up at 3:45, which I refuse to do on a regular basis. Plus, I don’t want to overdo any plan and risk an injury. I looked at the Hanson’s running plan, which is no super long runs but tons of middle length runs. Once again, multiple days of running over 10 miles before work isn’t going to happen. So I’m going with the Train Like a Mother plan again. It has a long run and midweek runs go up to 9 miles. I can manage that. I also like that you do 20 milers throughout the training, not all piled at the end.

I don’t ever follow any plan 100%. I don’t do any run that calls for going to the track, and I don’t do some of the really short runs. I also will still be pushing the stroller for a lot of my runs, and doing the speedier days on the treadmill to ensure they get done. I also am determined to keep up yoga core (thank you , Mark!), as I’ve been consistent about doing it 3 times a week.

I’d like to work my way back to a 3:45. But in the grand scheme of life, I’m just happy to do another marathon, and other than long runs, I’m not too serious about any run on the plan.

I do miss kid free days when my KC marathon partner, Stephanie, and I emailed each other on a Friday and spontaneously decided to run a marathon on our own the next day, then mapping out a route, and not worrying we’d be trashed the rest of the day. But I am super happy to be training for something, and doing so many runs with the stroller is giving me arm muscles. And I do love my little partner.


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