Weekend running and meal planning…

Mmmmm, ratatouille tastes better than it photographs

It was a good weekend for running. I kicked off marathon training in an unintentionally big way. I had 13 on the schedule, and ended up with 14, but threw in Stratford Dr, one of Austin’s hardest hills. I became obsessed with one day running the Pike’s Peak marathon this week, so I had it in my head to run some serious hills. Pike’s Peak seems doable for the Austinite with a treadmill, and since that’s me, maybe someday. Although I asked Mike if he and Jasper would want to go with me to Colorado Springs one day so I could run the PP marathon and his answer was, ” hmm, not really.” yeah, not everyone thinks running vacations are fun.

Today I ran Brushy Creek with Pancake and a small skunk held us hostage on a bridge. We couldn’t run past him without risking getting sprayed and he was declining to move, so we had to wait for him to scurry off. We also saw deer, rabbits and a blue heron. Pancake was happy. A happy dog is a wonderful thing. You just cannot be in a bad mode when you are around a happy dog.

Mixed in the fun was the bounce house and two days of swimming. I’ve got to start bribing Jasper with something besides ice cream to get out of the pool. ” Hey Jasper, if you are ready to quit swimming I’ll take you to get a salad.” Yeah, right. Ever go into an ice cream shop and not succumb to something?

So here’s some meal planning!
Leftover grilled salmon
Ratatouille with goat cheese polenta
Leftover polenta
Tofu stir fry
Take out chinese night for Spirit of the Marathon II movie outing. Yay!!!!

Ok, I’ve some polenta to make and some sore wanna be a mountain runner legs to deal with.

Addendum:  Here is a link for the Ratatouille and Polenta recipe.  I brought leftovers for lunch today and it is SUPER good.  Makes a ton of food too.  I cut the cheese in half and omitted all the butter and it is still very, very good.

6 thoughts on “Weekend running and meal planning…”

  1. Ratatouille, YUM! I’m excited to kick off marathon training soon, too. Nice work on your 14!

  2. Great way to kick of training! This week kicks off 20 weeks of training for my first 50 miler. After my amazing race weekend I say bring it! I never order ice cream but chips and salsa? I will succomb 🙂

    Have a great week!

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