Spirit of the Marathon II, swimming exhaustion, and the missing Baby Owl…

This is Baby Owl.  He goes everywhere Jasper goes.  Unknowingly, he went to the movies last night while Jasper was did not.  Whoops.
This is Baby Owl. He goes everywhere Jasper goes. Unknowingly, he went to the movies last night while Jasper was did not. Whoops.

Did anyone else see Spirit of the Marathon II last night?  Wow!!!  Wasn’t it good!?!  Hopefully it will get released again, because it really is a must see.  If you did see it than you too are dreaming of that pizza restaurant today and trying to figure out ways to do an international marathon.  I loved all the runners they focused on and it’s hard to pick a favorite.  I really liked the Italian runners though.  And the Rome marathon looks like a must do….the bucket list grows.

Yesterday, being moive day, I appropriately did a marathon training run in the morning.  The treadmill is the way to go on these suckers.  Set the pace, and there is no cheating.  I’m two for two on my first two weeks of getting the workouts in for my fall marathon.   I had done yoga Tuesday night (always makes me sore), my hard 8 mile treadmill run, and then in the afternoon took Jasper for a  monster 2 hour swimming session.  When Jasper swims I am constantly on the move, and by the time I made it to the movie theater, I was wrecked.  I was super tired and sore, and pitiful, feeling that a 3 year old’s swim session did me in.  To be fair, there’s no splashing in the baby pool when we swim.  Jasp is all about jumping into the deep end or water sliding, and repeating the process about 120 times over the next  couple hours.  He goes until he cannot pull himself out the pool anymore and then I bribe him to leave with a cupcake or ice cream trip.  Then I eat cupcakes I shouldn’t. 

So today was an easy stroller run to deal with some of the soreness.  Sitting at a computer at work doesn’t exactly help, but hopefully I’ll be back to normal by the weekend to gear up for two more days of swimming, my long run, and a father’s day meal at Black Star, our fave restaurant.

Ok, let’s see if I have I time to check out the Rome marathon website before my lunch break is over…..


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