Permastink and Green Monsters…

Waiting to be made…

Waiting to go in my belly

This weekend was highlighted by brutal humidity . I like heat, and I like running in 70-80 degrees. That’s my perfect temp. Add super high humidity, and it’s a whole new ball game. I even like a little humidity, but this 98% stuff makes for some tough going. 9 miles of hills followed by 5 miles with the stroller. I was toast at the end, but feeling like a little ‘ ol mountain run at 9000 feet has got nothing on pushing a stroller up a hill in air the density of soup. I guess we shall see in a couple weeks.

I cleaned out a bunch of running clothes today mainly due to such weather. Here in the Texas we have a phenomena I refer to as permastink. Running clothes got so drenched with layer upon layer of sweat on long runs that they hit a point no amount of laundering will get out the stink. I suppose all running clothes do this eventually, but here in Texas I figure a pair of shorts has two to three summers of running before they have permastink and belong in the trash. I yanked all running clothes I wore prior to Jasper’s birth…. Please note he’s three. I had shorts going on 4 summers of sweaty stench, and they needed to go. Clean closets are always nice, but it’s sad to toss things like my marathon pacer shorts. Permastink prevails though.

As for meal planning, this week is about breakfast, lunch and snacks. Enter the Green Monster! I am only a smoothie person in the summer. It’s really true that you do not taste the greens in green monster smoothies at all. I LOVE them. I don’t like protein powder, so I use Greek yogurt, a banana, spinach, berries, and a bit of apple juice. This will be breakfast until mid October, when it cools off again.

I also stocked up on lunch stuff and work snacks. I have no where to get food nearby my work and our cafeteria is pretty bad. It’s true institutional food and there are limited fresh veggies healthy choices. I always bring lunch and prefer leftovers and if we don’t have any than a peanut butter sandwich. Problem is I sometimes don’t really have enough and by 2pm I am staving and struggling to focus and come home ravenous and eat like crap ( sound familiar to anyone?). So this weekend I really tried to stock up on items to keep around as snacks at work. I’ve got 600 Nature Valley granola bars from Costco (side note: am I the only one who can’t get into Lara bars? I have tried but the texture is just gross to me), and I got a bunch of Chobanis to keep at work. I had to go with fancy grocery store flavors instead of Costco. Love me some apple cinnamon and lemon. I’m armed with carrots and hummus. I also got a few frozen Amy’s meals for days I would otherwise take peanut butter. I’m no fan of frozen meals, but I figure it will fill me up more than peanut butter. So there’s my meal planning. Hopefully it will make my afternoons a little more productive. I think my low point last week was a day Jasper got up at 3am and stayed awake and I was autodigesting myself by about 1:30, and went digging in the break room for packages of saltines. A lovely combo of extreme hunger and sleep deprivation.

On that note, Sunday night tv calls. I just might have to break into my snacks tonight…….


2 thoughts on “Permastink and Green Monsters…”

  1. Oh no! Up since 3am would be awful… you’ve got great goals for healthier snacking. Hope it’s a good week. And yes, this humidity is crazy!

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