Frozen treat summer…

There’s a lot of this going on this summer.

We continue our marathon swim sessions. If I ask Jasper what he wants to do, it’s always “swimming!” I will admit that summer in Texas is totally doable when you have a pool membership. I don’t know what took us so long to get one! My eyes burn every night, my hair is always brittle from chlorine, and I’ve taken to buying sunscreen at Costco since we use so much, but dang it, we are playing hard outside every day in the Texas summer and there’s something to be said about that. I also have a child asleep at 730 since he swam for 3 hours today. Can I get an amen to that!

Anyhow, the only downside to swimming is the treat bribing to get said child to leave the pool, even though he plays so hard he reaches a point he can no longer lift himself in and out of the pool he’s so tired. So today’s ice cream flavor was Snickers for mommy and cotton candy for Jasper Owl. Yum.

Today’s run was 15-16. I made it 15.5 and called it. Marathon training is going really well. I’m doing marathon paced runs on the treadmill and nailing them. Still a little slow on long runs, but hopefully when I hit the 0% humidity in Colorado next weekend, I’ll see if the hard work is translating into speedier times.

So yes, vacation is next weekend…….yay, yay, yay. Until then lots of swimming and ice cream eating.


2 thoughts on “Frozen treat summer…”

  1. I’ve been keeping up with your blog but have been a little bad about commenting. In Louisiana too, the pool is the only way to do anything outdoors without being miserable in the summer heat! I just have yet to figure out how to manage it with two:) Saw your post on the train like a mother plan. Is the book worth buying? Looking into some marathon training plans but like you, I want something reasonable with my life/schedule. Best of luck with your summer running!

    1. Yes two in the pool would be hard. Can you stick with kiddie pools? Yur older one could probably manage that if you sat on the side with your younger.

      I think Train like a Mother is worth buying if just to support it. I love what those ladies are doing and it’s all about real life. I have to say though I never follow any plan more than 50%. I follow the long runs and the speed workouts but mix in what I want to do during the rest of the week. I like that Train like a Mother doesn’t have track workouts which are just a hassle when you are busy. I look forward to following your training!

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