Making new friends at 5am, and more summer fun…

This is pretty much what I saw this morning, minus the lush forest in the background.
This is pretty much what I saw this morning, minus the lush forest in the background.

We did a stroller run this morning which made me very happy.   Not that I wanted Jaspy to wake up at 4:30, but I was glad he wanted to go on a stroller run, because last week, he declined them all week.  He discovered that waking up early is really fun when your mother builds you a fort out of couch cushions and you get snacks and an ipad while she runs on the treadmill.  Why would you ever go back to sitting in a stroller again, when you have that set up?  So I was relieved when he wanted to go with me this morning.  I’d like to do a combo of stroller runs and the treadmill until he’s at least 4, and then at some point, all my Jasper runs will be on the treadmill with my little audience of one.

This morning, on just a regular route, an armadillo suddenly scurried out in front of the stroller and I had to yank back on it so we didn’t hit him.  He stayed right in front of us, stood up on his hind legs and tried to touch the stroller.  Jasper laughed and said “it’s funny, ” and before I could think about what to do next the armadillo turned and very slowly went back into the bushes he came out of.  I just  love 5am adventures. 

My other bit of good news, if you can really call an armadillo almost touching your child good news, is that we are doing moives this summer!   Jaspy is old enough to enjoy going to the movies now.  We saw Monsters University yesterday, and I loved it.  Although, if I can eat movie treats and spend the afternoon sitting instead of climbing on a playscape with sore legs, I am super happy.  We all went to the Alamo Drafthouse, and Jaspy thought it was way cool to get a scoop of chocolate ice cream at the movies, and I thought it was way cool I got an arugala and kale pizza with a wheat beer.   It’s definitely not a cheap outing getting 3 people movie treats, plus tickets, but it really couldn’t be more fun.  I can’t wait to go see Turbo later this summer!

Ok, my lunch break almost over and work calls.  Sigh…..



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