Most things are easier with oxygen…

Pre race carb loading this morning

Greetings and salutations from Colorado. A few observations from 9500 feet:
-my hair looks so much better and feels so soft. Humidity really makes hair look like crap. I don’t need defrizzer here.
-my skin on the other hand craves lotion 24/7. If I lived here I would look like I’m 90.
-why do mountain towns have the worst food? We seriously live off pizza every time we come here.
– high altitude makes me soooo sleepy.
– high altitude has no effect on Jasper at all, including making him sleep at night. Up 4 times last night. 😦
-already have close encounters with elk and a moose

I had a near crisis when I was home and packing as garmin broke where the strap connects making it impossible to get a new strap and leaving me a garmin pocket watch. In the spirit of first world problems, I high tailed it to REI and bought the cheapest one since I’ve yet to keep a garmin alive more than a year. REI was awesome, and so far, I like my new pink garmin 10 ….I just don’t know how to work it yet.

Anyhow, travel with a toddler is never relaxing, but Jasp is doing ok. He seems somewhat distressed to be out of his routines and has made several requests to go home. We took him to a local resort area last night and he did the bounce house there for about an hour and ran like crazy until I hit a point I was so tired I just couldn’t stand anymore. (Getting up at 345 likely contributed). So I guess he’s having fun despite every other request being to go home.

Today I raced the local half marathon here. It was my second true mountain race and much harder than the other done I did. It wasn’t so much the elevation but the fact that there was a 6 mile long big hill. But I think I held my own. I did a lot of hill running in Austin in 96% humidity and I think it translated well to 9500 feet and a 6 mile hill. Don’t get me wrong, it hurt, but it was the prettiest course I think I’ve ever done, and I just felt so happy to get a chance to run in the mountains. But mountain races are no joke! For perspective I ran awhile with a woman who was an ironman from Boulder and she thought it was a hard course. Yikes!

Ok rest calls. I wish I could manage to stay up past sunset here, I image it’s a very pretty sight.


1 thought on “Most things are easier with oxygen…”

  1. Glad you are having fun. It looks beautiful in the photo!
    We have hills in KC. Sounds like you are getting some good practice!!
    Also, I’ve seen Jasp run. If I were him, I would take exception to your toddler” reference :-).

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