Newest obsession: miniature golf. Not my obsession though.

Confession: seeing all the cyclists in Colorado got me thinking about biking. Ok, I really started thinking about it when I read Chrissie Wellington’s awesome autobiography. I have a nice road bike I ride once a week on the trainer. I tried to get into cycling before I tried ultrarunning and I never got quite the same buzz from it that I did from a run. I was also very unskilled so maybe I just didn’t give it enough time. Once I started ultrarunning I gave it up. I didn’t have time or energy for rides after 6 hours on the trails . I still lack time, but if I omitted a couple of runs I might be able to do a couple rides a week. I feel very intimidated riding anywhere except my trainer so I really think I would need to hook up with a group. Group things are tricky when a certain little boy controls my schedule. Yes, here I am making excuses. Truth is I could probably find a way. I know that one day in my future I will start biking. Being a masters runner now, the writing is on the wall: I won’t be able to put in the miles I do now forever. Plus the cyclists I saw in Colorado riding up those mountain roads were just plain badasses. I was so impressed. Maybe I’ll just start with spin class ( I’ve been a member of the Y almost a year and have yet to make it to a class. Pathetic.). But my day will come. I’m not sure when, but I realize this is a good time to start riding a bike and not in the winter.

Obviously, this is not me.

It’s easy to think about being a bike rider tonight. I sit here with completely trashed quads after a week of binge training since I had little more free time. I did get an uber- painful massage today which was much needed but my legs are just toast. Mountains + extra days off to run more + lots of pool time in the sun ( aka dehydration) = painful legs!

Ok, time to start surfing the web for beginning cycling plans. 🙂


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